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  1. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    [IRT STUDIOS] Script - Bleeding Out Medical System

    i know this script well i have no clue why i see it here ? ?
  2. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Orion Reborn | Malden Life | Roleplay

    This is the wtfpl license they used when you made the edits so again no stolen edits or work sorry to say konrad you have no leg to stand on and the credits are under Orion and will stay like this
  3. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Orion Reborn | Malden Life | Roleplay

    the map edits was made for Orion-Entertainment your being salty coz you was removed as head dev by one of owners so really does not count as a creation and it was not stolen
  4. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Have a laugh with InifiStar!

  5. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Script Delay Problems

    if i fix this i will post it here aswell for helping others
  6. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Script Delay Problems

    it deffo is not server. i think the same as jed will be the files ur using bro do u have a ts/discord i will offer to look at the prob for u and before ppl say its FREE lol
  7. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Ra's al Ghul Helper App

    Tell us about yourself: My ingame name is Ra's al Ghul and I've been developing for a while I have run my own community and been part of others What skills do you possess that you feel will help you do well as a helper? I am patient, organized, and knowledgeable to help sum one that need it Have you ever been banned/kicked ( if yes please specify why )? No Your date of birth: 08.06.1983 What's your experience with SQF and SQL languages, or other sorts of Arma related development? I have a loads of experience with SQF and other codes/formats What is the first thing you would like to change about the forums(Nothing? then NA)? Clean up old posts and and trouble/haters on the fourm Do you have Discord? Yes Do you have any problems working with other staff members? No Why do you want to be a Helper? I would love to be a helper on altisliferpg to keep order with all members and staff. been around the website block for a very long time How would you deal with someone being rude towards members? I would send them a message tell them to stop being a ass. if they would like to fight i will pass it on to a mod or higher or if had powers to ban would give them a temp 24 hr ban to chill out If you were to become a helper, would a moderator position be appealing to you as well in the future? hell yer i would help the forums to keep member " happy campers " if u get wot i mean. i will follow the rules set and keep the peace with members and staff thanks again for taking the time to read this Ra's al Ghul <<< name change to this plz
  8. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Mr. New - UI & TS Source Files

    shame there only imgs not the scripts
  9. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    Reopen Sealteamsloth

    Sealteamsloth.life is re-opening Custom Textures Custom Map Layout Custom Police HQs Exotic Drugs Shipwrecks < not maverick Custom Federal Reserve Car tuning (Spray N' Pay) < not maverick Black Market Ebay trade player to player Goverment system Taxi Service loads more SERVER IP: sealteamsloth.life : 2320 WEBSITE: http://www.sealteamsloth.life TEAMSPEAK: ts.sealteamsloth.life POLICE APPLICATIONS: http://sealteamsloth.life/forumdisplay.php?fid=43 MEDIC APPLICATIONS: http://sealteamsloth.life/forumdisplay.php?fid=47 looking for players and devs come and have a chat we have a few other game servers up join website and teamspeak hope to see you there REFERRAL PROGRAM: Depending on the number of players invited members will get a reward. Rewards List: 1 FRIEND - 150K 3 FRIENDS - 500K 5 FRIENDS - 1M 10 FRIENDS - 2.5M
  10. 5fspxtyw.yxi

    [Tutorial] Advanced Banking System, With Pins.

    need help with this i have its working but no writing on the screen and i have no clue why ? **** FIXED **** stringtable did not do lol