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  1. sent a mates on discord
  2. iamthatguyhere would u like me to join and help him.. up to u
  3. changed the map to altis and a load more have been added check it out
  4. reece was one from the uk and can not remember the other chap he was reece`s mate again from uk
  5. so do i have them as i was one of there head devs before they closed down lol
  6. I have uploaded a working mission file for you guys to work off or check off the install to your is right
  7. download the file bro and ur see all in there mate
  8. This is a Bleeding Out death Screen all fully working download and read carefully I am the dev of this script aka [Dev] Ra`s Al Ghul enjoy and have fun bleedout.rar Altislife_Life.Altis.rar
  9. I will make a post for most of my scripts 2morrow night when I get home
  10. It's coz most of the scripts he said he makes are stolen or been given then he changes them with him name lol
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBZ5tQnlwo4
  12. as am the original dev for this script .. he has only maked changes nothing that changes how it works lol
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