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  1. Hello, 1.) First of all you have to open up your database then you have to find yourself and then put your admin level to the max, then when you enter the game you can press "Y" and open up your admin menu, by the way you can use InfiSTAR, it's an alternative administration addon for ArmA 3 servers like Altis Life or Exile, you can buy it from their website : www.infistar.de 2.) For being a doctor or an officer like your first question you have to open your database, again and then put your Coplevel and Medic Level to the highest possible. 3.)
  2. You can add the addons one by one, or create A modpack for all of them. You have to add them server side and give them to your players too it's better to add them to your mission.sqm, "Addons" field to prevent players join your server without the mod(s), and put the verifySignatures on 2.
  3. When the progress bar appears, press Y and you don't have to wait all the time for the progress bar to get finished, do this action as fast as possible and you can gather so many of that item in just a minute. This bug is a big shit!
  4. Exactly, it's my problem too, gears are saving but when you try to spawn for the second time, server doesnt load them. (If you check your database you can find the saved gears names there, but the server cannot load them.)
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