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  1. Add this to the bottom of your stringable.xml <Key ID ="STR_Item_carC4"> <Original>Car Bomb</Original> </Key> What it should look like (example): <Key ID ="STR_ITEM_NAME"> <Original>NAME</Original> </Key> <---------------------------------------------------- Add it below the last one you have. <Key ID ="STR_Item_carC4"> <--------------------------- This is what you add <Original>Ca
  2. @Franco Drambuie Doesn't work on my 5.0 server, did you do anything different?
  3. Yeah it works now, this script works on 5.0!
  4. Yes, that will probably work. Add that to your tutorial!
  5. Yes I did, and it shows those messages, just when I press windows key on the car the button has no text,.
  6. Everyting works, just the button doesn't show ant text.. I am using Altis life 5.0
  7. https://hastebin.com/niburucovi.bash
  8. I don't see the name in the interaction menu for vehicles in-game.
  9. Yep, it works now! Thanks you're the best man!
  10. which comments do I take out?
  11. nope, because it doesn't show any percentages of health, etc.
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