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    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    Hi, I have Tanoa Life V5 the tutorial served me and everything works but I have a problem when I put handcuffs on a player the handcuffed player can not speak by voice in direct communication you have to remove the handcuffs so you can speak by voice in direct communication someone has an idea of what may be happening ? forgive my english, I am using google translator . greetings to all .
  2. Ya tenemos fecha de apertura el dia 05/11/2018 abriremos el servidor a todos vosotros,sois bienvenidos a disfrutar con nosotros y hacer amigos,no olvides visitar el foro,un saludo a todos y nos vemos en Alandalus. Este servidor es necesario descargar mods,en el foro podeis encontrar la descarga y tutorial. IP Servidor: Foro: https://alandaluslife.wixsite.com/arma3 TS3: alandaluslife.ts3premium.win Grupo steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/alandaluslife