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  1. rp-labs.com ts3.rp-labs.com
  2. The server has not shut down we have an active player base, the server just changed names due to a management change. It is an edit of tonics framework, If that is your biggest problem please actually play the server and enjoy the custom content it is honestly quite fun.
  3. We will be posting a new recruitment post shortly... thank you for your advice... We will be having a full trailer for the server alongside some new map work being showcased. Thank you very much for your comment though.
  4. Please explain as you see, the BIG update was released last night. If you are talking about the one including duping guns in cars... I have a fix and it will be implemented intermittently. So please explain in more detail and i'll be sure to fix it!
  5. Alex Pearce

    [US/UK]Thanatos Gaming|500k Start

    Thanks, didn't read it all word for word! I just scanned it and looked at the pictures.
  6. Alex Pearce

    [US/UK]Thanatos Gaming|500k Start

    Is the server Malden or Altis. Your post suggests Altis but website and teamspeak suggest Malden?
  7. The website is not the best I agree I have just come back from a holiday so many peoples activity has dropped but as I am back the server for the two days I have been back has been heading the right way. We have had 8 people on both days (Monday and Sunday) and there will be more fun to be had (4 of those found us through here) more players apart from them also play on our server. But thanks for the advice! but for a small start up server 10 players is a lot to me considering we started out with just 2/3 of us
  8. Thanks for your advice however I have to disagree with this as we have had a lot of new members who truly enjoy our server. I was updating the feed so that people could be aware that the server is still moving forward and a few people recognised that and have played on the server. So please look at some quantitative data before you start writing your qualitative data. AS I do not believe that is a very helpful comment.
  9. Big new update coming soon, be sure to check the server out and meet the community.