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  1. Error in expression <yer != "" && !life_knockout && !(player GVAR ["restrained",false]) && !life_ista> 19:46:25 Error position: <GVAR ["restrained",false]) && !life_ista> 19:46:25 Error Missing ) 19:46:25 File core\functions\fn_keyHandler.sqf [life_fnc_keyHandler], line 186 19:46:25 Error in expression <yer != "" && !life_knockout && !(player GVAR ["restrained",false]) && !life_ista> 19:46:25 Error position: <GVAR ["restrained",false]) && !life_ista> 19:46:25 Error Missing ) 19:46:25 File core\functions\fn_keyHandler.sqf [life_fnc_keyHandler], line 186 //Knock out, this is experimental and yeah... (Shift + G) case 34: { if(_shift) then {_handled = true;}; if(_shift && playerSide == civilian && !isNull cursorTarget && cursorTarget isKindOf "Man" && isPlayer cursorTarget && alive cursorTarget && cursorTarget distance player < 4 && speed cursorTarget < 1) then { if((animationState cursorTarget) != "Incapacitated" && (currentWeapon player == primaryWeapon player OR currentWeapon player == handgunWeapon player) && currentWeapon player != "" && !life_knockout && !(player GVAR ["restrained",false]) && !life_istazed && !life_isknocked) then { [cursorTarget] spawn life_fnc_knockoutAction; if("ItemRadio" in assignedItems cursorTarget) then { cursorTarget removeweapon "ItemRadio"; hint "The cellphone of the person was placed on the ground."; _defenceplace1 = "Item_ItemRadio" createVehicle (player modelToWorld[0,0,0]);} else { hint "The person that you knock out have no cellphone!"}; }; }; }; If some one see the error pls help because i work and search a lot of time on this error if i remove if("ItemRadio" in assignedItems cursorTarget) then { cursorTarget removeweapon "ItemRadio"; hint "The cellphone of the person was placed on the ground."; _defenceplace1 = "Item_ItemRadio" createVehicle (player modelToWorld[0,0,0]);} else { hint "The person that you knock out have no cellphone!"}; all the script work fine if someone can tell me the way to make ziptie like cop restrain and remove acces to Y menu it will be appreciate
  2. Server: IvernaLife Ip: Ts: Forum: https://ivernalife.enjin.com/ In Dev Mod: IvernaLife https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1569458673 (175 MB) 5-10 minutes for download. IvernaLife is a server created by Quebecers and is located in Montreal IvernaLife is also a new RP concept because it is a French and English speaking server (west coast of the island Kavala to the customs is the French speaking coast and the east coast of the island is English speaking). The division of the island is to give a RP even further. The civil ones can choose their side to spawn (even if you are English and you spawn in Kavala is not serious and same thing for the French-speaking people). Only Police and Medic must respect their side. ***** so if you speak french or english and you do not speak the other language do not get caught on a run of drugs because you may have trouble getting out of it ** **** MOUAHAHAHAHAHHAA The Police, Medic and Administration is currently recruiting so here is your chance if you want to be part of the adventure. PS: Dear anglophone there is no commander or even policeman or medic on the coast is the island so seize your chance! Mandatory TS and for any question regarding the position available you must contact me [Cmd]-Dumont on TS Having a proper name is also demanding And here is something to add to give you the taste to join us Content add: 1- Dynamic Market 2- Dynamic salary (according to your job or your company) 3- The night is illuminated by the moon (no NV is needed) 4- Added resources and more will be added to the demand (Grapes, Wine Bottling, Uranium, Uranium Charge, Tobacco Leaf, Tobacco and more to come) 5- Untreated resources are also salable (and there is an effect on the stock market) 6- The police map has no illegal point (if it finds them there 1 week to make their inquiry after it is change of place) 7- Several house and hangar purchasable 8- Access to most of all vehicles and weapons listed Rebel (they have their price) 9- Automatic radar to place on the map and it automatically adds a fine to your file 10- The police are equipped with radar inside their vehicle 11- A map that looks nothing like the original map 12- 3 Customs are placed in the map (2 near the airport and 1 on the bridge of Pyrgos) 13- Dealer for each brand will be placed in the map (Volks, Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, etc ...) 14- Personalized business and company (Towing, Public Works, Firefighter, Lawyer, etc ...) 15- And much more .... If it is not on the server just ask and will be added if possible
  3. Serveur: IvernaLife Ip: Ts: Forum: https://ivernalife.enjin.com/ En Dev Mod: IvernaLife https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1569458673 (175 MB) 5-10 minute pour le telechargement. IvernaLife est un serveur creer par des Quebecois et il est situer a Montreal IvernaLife est aussi un nouveau concepte de RP car il est un serveur francophone et anglophone(cote ouest de l'ile Kavala a la douane c'est le coter francophone et le coter est de l'ile est anglophone). La division de l'ile est pour donner un RP encore plus loin. Les civile peuvent choisir leur coter pour apparaitre (meme si tu est anglais et tu apparait a Kavala se n'est pas grave et meme chose pour les francophone). Seulement les Policier et les Medic doivent respecter leur coter. *****alors si tu parle francais ou anglais et que tu ne parle pas l'autre langue ne te fait pas prendre sur une run de drogue car tu risque d'avoir de la misere a t'en sortir****** MOUAHAHAHAHAHHAA La Police, Les Medic et l'Administration est presentement en recrutement alors voici ta chance si tu veut faire partie de l'aventure. PS: Cher anglophone il n'y a aucun commandant ou meme policier ni medic du coter est de l'ile alors saisi ta chance!!! Ts Obligatoire et pour toute question par rapport au poste disponible vous devez communiquer avec moi [Cmd]-Dumont Avoir un nom approprier est aussi exiger Et voici quelque truc rajouter pour te donner le gout de nous rejoindre Contenu rajouter: 1- Bourse Dynamique 2- Salaire Dynamique (selon ton metier ou ton entreprise) 3- La nuit est eclairer par la lune ( plus besoin de NV) 4- Des ressources rajouter et d'autre seront rajoute a la demande (Raisin, Embouteillage de vin , Uranium, Charge d'Uranium, Feuille de tabac, Tabac et plus a venir) 5- Les ressources non traiter sont aussi vendable (et il on un effect sur la bourse) 6- La map policier n'a aucun point illegaux (si il les trouve il on 1 semaine pour faire leure enquete apres il est changer de place) 7- Plusieur maison et hangar achetable 8- Acces a la plupart de tout les vehicules et armes coter Rebel (ils ont leure prix) 9- Radar automatique placer sur la map et il vous rajoute automatique une amende a votre dossier 10- Les policier sont equiper de radar a l'interieure de leur vehicule 11- Une map qui ne ressemble en rien a la map d'origine 12- 3 Douane sont placer dans la map (2 pres de l'aeroport et 1 sur le pont de Pyrgos) 13- Des concessionaire pour chaque marque seront placer dans la map (Volks, Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, etc...) 14- Des metier et des entreprise personalisable (Remorquage, Travaux Public, Pompier, Avocat, etc...) 15- Et bien plus encore.... Si ce n'est pas sur le seurveur juste demander et se sera rajouter si possible
  4. step 6 for the camera in the map u have the code item and for the cop dont need item
  5. ok humm first its my first tutorial and seconde i shared it because it shared on other forum and i not see it here for u English people yes im french and if anybody can corect my english on the tutorial its fine Lets Start original post or where i found the post : https://wiki.altisdev.com/books/tutoriels-universels-/chapter/gopro-et-caméra-de-sécurité Author: not define and ( its not me ) Diffulcty : i guest easy but take 30 min over (mapping in eden editor) 1. Open your missionroot Ini.sqf add: [] execVM "Init\Init_Gopro.sqf"; Look like: StartProgress = false; [] execVM "briefing.sqf"; //Load Briefing [] execVM "KRON_Strings.sqf"; ....... [] execVM "Init\Init_Gopro.sqf"; StartProgress = true; 2.Create a folder in your mission root called Init and add Init_Gopro.sqf inside 3.Create a folder called Scripts In Folder called Scripts add another folder called Gopro and in Gopro folder add Traitement_gopro.sqf Direct_gopro.sqf inside Now we done with script and copy paste shit for next step be sure your Cop are called cop_1, cop_2. cop_3 ....... without interruption like cop_1, cop_2, cop_4.... 4. Go in arma 3 editor and open your mission 5. You will add screen or what ever can get textures add call it monitor_1, monitor_2, monitor_3, monitor_4,...... without interruption (after u create one and name it monitor_1 u can copy paste it and this will auto name it _2,_3,_4,... and dont forget to put this allowDamage false; this enableSimulation false; in init object because they can fall if they not stand on ground) 6. You CAN add camera if u want in the map (this take a lot of time). If u do it USE Land_HandyCam_F and call them camera_1,camera_2,camera_3,camera_4,... MAXIMUM 40 if u want more add at Line 105 in the Direct_gopro.sqf (personnaly i put 23 cam in map only for the Station shop with Station robbery script, the fed dont need it u suppose already have cam on) and the scroll list become long if u put 40 cam your dispatch will make mistake 7. IMPORTANT if u not create this or name it wrong ALL THIS WILL NOT WORK you need tu create an heli pad invisible and name it server and put this somewhere in the map Done repack and test it im not sure i can help i u encounter problem but one think im sure this work on 4.4r4 this is what look like on my server for the Dispatch cop office and all screen in this and board can show cam view the cam on bipod is satelite view right have fun now
  6. there is the list of all skin i want if its not to late suv off road hatchback sport hunter strider hemtt box hummingbird hellcat and one uniform on U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_worn
  7. yes it is just copy this if(backpack player != "") then { unitBackpack player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, ""]; };
  8. Max_Qc

    Statusbar 4.X

    there is the fonts probleme if some one can help altis life 4.4r4
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