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  1. @Starworlds I've been checked, i was a helper for quite a while, hence the enormous amount of posts...helping people. If you think someone pointing out a massive flaw is shit talking, then i think you must be new to the internet or have never been shit talked. People don't use ALRPG to find server's to play on, the site is used for sharing scripts, advice and helping others, most people who visit are here for one of those reasons...as they run their own servers. Trust me, my post wouldn't have cost you any players, i would imagine it would be the way you ran the server that killed it. Had you listened you could have saved whatever your server costs to rent, could have bought some sweeties or fidget spinners.
  2. I give this server a month before it closes........
  3. Why are you using your home internet connection? Even the highest Virgin package only has a 20mb upload speed.
  4. It could be all the errors you have o.0 line 3549 - 3623 fix all that
  5. When i used to run a server with a friend we just banned all French IP's from entering our server, 90% of script kiddies were French and the rest of the French player were trolls so we set up Battlemetrics to ban them when they tried to join......we also kicked people on VPN's so they couldn't get in that way either There is lot's of info on here which can help you set up a server, look in the server scripting and help desk
  6. It's a copy paste from unknowncheats, you can still get the files there.
  7. You can put money on your person, then put it in your bank or give it to other players to put in their banks. Do the licenses through the database, it's not hard work or time consuming, search the name....add the license, jobs a gooden.
  8. It happens like iamthatguy showed....isn't the first time, and wont be the last. Why have you not released the files? Why make a post asking people to message you?
  9. Does this one come with a RAT and Keylogger? You should post a link if you are releasing this, if you are selling it...then you need to talk to monte and pay for advertising space
  10. You can't fix it, this script is broken. We had the same problem when we had a server a while back, nothing you do or change will stop it dropping to zero, best off using the other market system.
  11. Very basic, not a lot of thought has been put into it, can glitch money easily.....i bought a rebel license, it has 3 guns...SDAR, Katiba and some other piece of junk i cant even remember, there are 3 vests and about 6 different sets of clothing. Helicopter shop has 3 helicopters, hummingbird, m900 and orca....gun shop has 4 pistols and a pp something which is an smg. There is nothing for people to bother saving up for, not that you have to because you can make millions in minutes because they don't know how to set a server up. Speed cameras dont catch you speeding, you get kicked by spyglass if you join certain civ slots...over all it's pretty pants
  12. Dunno....looks alright, it is 6am here so i could be missing something other than the weird symbols in the RTP log? }; 
  13. You must have messed something up....look at your rpt logs. It will be the keyhandler part you messed up
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