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  1. JedINyte

    [Release] Stretcher Script

    Dunno....looks alright, it is 6am here so i could be missing something other than the weird symbols in the RTP log? }; 
  2. JedINyte

    [Release] Stretcher Script

    post your keyhandler
  3. JedINyte

    [Release] Stretcher Script

    You must have messed something up....look at your rpt logs. It will be the keyhandler part you messed up
  4. JedINyte

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    Check the init where you placed the flags, you possible have an error in there that could be causing the problem Error in expression <this allowDamage false; this enableSimulation false; this setVaria> Error position: <enableSimulation false; this setVaria> Error Missing ; And this error in client rpt: Error in expression <ariable ["gangNum","Gang_Area_2", true];.> 23:21:38 Error position: <.> Both are to do with the mission.sqm ie the placed objects (flags)
  5. JedINyte

    Adding cop/ems lights

    File \life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_spawnVehicle.sqf [TON_fnc_spawnVehicle], line 244 19:05:28 Error in expression <nfo select 2) isEqualTo "C_Offroad_01_F","C_SUV_01_F") then { [_vehicle,"med_off> 19:05:28 Error position: <,"C_SUV_01_F") then { [_vehicle,"med_off> 19:05:28 Error Missing ) 19:05:28 File \life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_spawnVehicle.sqf [TON_fnc_spawnVehicle], line 244 Copy the "cop" part, change "cop" to "med" and add the vehicles you want to the med in that....so it looks like this: if ((_vInfo select 1) isEqualTo "med" && ((_vInfo select 2)) in ["C_Offroad_01_F","C_SUV_01_F"]) then { [_vehicle,"med_offroad",true] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_vehicleAnimate",_unit]; };
  6. JedINyte

    Adding cop/ems lights

    Post your RPT log
  7. JedINyte

    Adding cop/ems lights

    Have you added them to the life server? fn_spawnvehicle.sqf You need to add them in this part: //Sets of animations if ((_vInfo select 1) isEqualTo "civ" && (_vInfo select 2) isEqualTo "B_Heli_Light_01_F" && !((_vInfo select 8) isEqualTo 13)) then { [_vehicle,"civ_littlebird",true] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_vehicleAnimate",_unit]; }; if ((_vInfo select 1) isEqualTo "cop" && ((_vInfo select 2)) in ["C_Offroad_01_F","B_MRAP_01_F","C_SUV_01_F","C_Hatchback_01_sport_F","B_Heli_Light_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_F"]) then { [_vehicle,"cop_offroad",true] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_vehicleAnimate",_unit]; }; if ((_vInfo select 1) isEqualTo "med" && (_vInfo select 2) isEqualTo "C_Offroad_01_F") then { [_vehicle,"med_offroad",true] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_vehicleAnimate",_unit]; }; [1,_spawntext] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_broadcast",_unit]; serv_sv_use deleteAt _servIndex;
  8. JedINyte

    Adding cop/ems lights

    Are you using 4.4 r3 by any chance?
  9. JedINyte

    Fixing Lag Switch

    Edited To Add ETA:
  10. JedINyte

    Fixing Lag Switch

    Doesn't infistar already have something to counter lag switches? Pretty sure the 258 update a while back added it o.0 ETA: Just checked and it does indeed have something to stop people using a lag switch, it closes the UI, disables the interface and kicks you.
  11. Too many bugs, if you are admin, look at my money....i never hacked or glitched it, i made it in about 5 minutes 100% legitimately. Spawns are buggered, shops can be accessed from 50m away, you can make money without doing anything, and....there are tons of errors in my client log. https://pastebin.com/pnaK9FNC Also, it took me nearly 2 minutes to download the missionfile with a 230mb connection through a VPN. Don't waste your money on a dedi until you fix all the errors, bugs, shops, spawns etc. I was only on for 9 minutes and i found multiple issues that should have been addressed before advertising the server, look at your server RPT logs, go through them and fix them, then go through EVERYTHING else...all the configs etc, you have some major problems.
  12. Who have you got your DDOS protection with? Seems odd you have a mist forum, are running a server from your kitchen/basement/bedroom and are using your home connection, but had the hindsight and money to invest in expensive DDOS protection ($200-$5000 a month), surely, the money you're spending on DDOS protection would be enough to cover the cost of a dedicated server with DDOS protection included o.0
  13. The problem is....you are hosting it on a home broadband connection (virgin media), it has no DDOS protection and the connection speed won't be sufficient to host a server with more than about 10 people on it....that's even if you have vivid350 as the upload is capped to 20mb.
  14. JedINyte

    [Release] Zipties | Blindfolds and Gags | 4.4r3+

    He's saying you will have to wait until he is back from having a babycham/lambrini at the local park with his mates
  15. JedINyte

    Looking For An All Round Developer