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  1. JedINyte

    Landing Site For Your Community!

    Every little help's
  2. JedINyte

    [IRT STUDIOS] Custom Work - Sexuality Decider

    Is emo a sexuality? I thought it was a subculture o.0
  3. JedINyte

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Is that because Maverick is your friend....or because of something else? Why would you advise others not to do it? Can you explain why it's a bad idea, i haven't tried it so can't say whether or not it causes performance issues, but no one thus far has mentioned anything negative about this.
  4. JedINyte

    ArmA 3 Project Life Unwhitelisted - Australian Community

    True, i hid our off topic posts
  5. JedINyte

    ArmA 3 Project Life Unwhitelisted - Australian Community

    Lol....i wouldn't know about that. (removed subsequent off topic content about this^^^) If these guys can't set up a TS server and need to use stolen files, then i cant see how they could make a game from scratch....pretty sure they are bogus....and trying to scam people with their fake game and kickstarter. "Hello im a 13 year old and i like to do youtube and like to stream i play arma 3 alot and arma 2."
  6. JedINyte

    ArmA 3 Project Life Unwhitelisted - Australian Community

    But but but....they are making a game from scratch called CivilContract.....release date December 23 2018....took them a couple of months apparently, just him and a mate......in my opinion they are jokers, thieves and quite possibly scammers.
  7. JedINyte

    parking ticket script

    If nothing shows up in the search bar then you will have to either look on google or create it yourself.
  8. JedINyte

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    @Delexical Demoted to member lol
  9. JedINyte

    Send help please.

  10. JedINyte

    Send help please.

    Hes sorting it now i think
  11. JedINyte

    Send help please.

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill message him on discord again and get him to sort it pmsl!
  12. JedINyte

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    This would be great if it were featured or added to the framework, it would not only save people money but almost guarantee peoples hard work wasn't stolen.
  13. JedINyte

    BattleMetrics RCON- Persistent and Comprehensive Coverage

    +1 great product would highly recommend using this on your servers