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  1. Anti-Theft Script for mod Open the config.cpp file, add these: create a file called fn_FDeTOmIPf.sqf and paste the following:
  2. [Tutorial] Channel lock for Task For Radio 5,0 Difficulty: Easy Authors: Unknown Author Edited by Dodo orion-entertainment.dk 1.Create a folder in your mission root called scripts and create a new file in scripts and name it: "tfr_channellock.sqf" 2. Open core/inti.sqf and add the following: [] execVM "scripts\tfr_channellock.sqf";
  3. The Old Dogs Altis life is ready for lots of enjoyment, fun and fun. What can we offer. The Old Dogs was created in December 2015. The Old Dogs is a mix of staff and admins from Gamingrepublic"Danish Community" and XtremeGaming"Danish Community". We have a hard working management team that works 24/7 to make sure everything goes smoothly. We have a specialized developer team that constantly develops on the server to make your experience better. And a support team to help with your problems and questions. Our support team helps through our forum but can also be captured on our teamspeak but most at home. Our Community is delivered in a professional manner. Even though we are not an 18+ community, we do all our players to work professionally like ourselves - we feel that if we reflect professionally, we attract the best of the players. Features on server ID System Zipties, blindfolds and gag Gas Station Robbery Tobacco Field Dynamic Drug Fields Opfor Rebel "Whitelisted" Uranium Mine Ruby Mine Dynamic Market Shipwrecks [Maverick Applications] Navigator [Maverick Applications] Taxi [Maverick Applications] Modular Talent Tree [Maverick Applications] And more. TeamSpeak.: ts.theolddogsrp.com Server IP Website www.theolddogsrp.com Need Police, EMS, Developer/admins, staff
  4. How To Texture to building sign Difficulty: Easy Download my textures and put it into your Altis_Life.Altis Open arma 3 eden editor and User Texture (10m) or UserTexture10m_F "Civilian\Signs\Blanks" Open User Texture (10m) and add the following to Texture #0 "textures\shop\shop_general.paa or textures\shop\shop_market.paa" Or what now your paa file name is. "see picture" Then try to customize image to the house "Remember patience" textures.rar
  5. I have a problem with playertag? Shows itself on single player and not all players and you can not see your own name or Police rank???
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