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  1. Marcus Suridius

    [KICK] Marijuana

    I have added weed effects yesterday using this script - [Tutorial] Effects For Marijuana I also attached it to the pelvis as JedINyte advised and it works perfectly, try that and see if you still get kicked.
  2. Marcus Suridius

    [Tutorial] Statusbar 4.X

    Yeah managed to get it working with some fine tuning, here is my config in case its useful to anyone. When first trying it the bar never finished loading, I changed _food to _hunger because it gave off a SCANAR NAN error, works when changed. Also moved the _hunger _thirst _damage up to the other lines and below set them like the others. Only things left to tweak is that it displays hunger & thirst at 1 for 100 and like 0.6 for 60% but ill mess around and try get it 100%. I do have an issue that when robbing gas stations the bar disappears when the Robbing progress bar appears then the "robbing" one disappears and the status bar then reappears. Its odd because it doesn't happen when repairing or robbing the FED.
  3. Marcus Suridius

    [Tutorial] Statusbar 4.X

    I have this working nicely, no problems but im trying to add food, health and thirst to it but not sure how to do it. Ive added the sections for it in playerbar.sqf but not sure what add in at the end of these lines for it to work <t shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' color='%10'><img size='1.6' shadowColor='#000000' image='scripts\status_bar\images\hunger.paa' color='%10'/> Food: </t> Ive added _food = (life_food / 100); _thirst = (life_thirst / 100); _damage = (life_damage / 100) under the variables as the way their called in the normal hud. Any ideas?
  4. Marcus Suridius

    [REL] Dynamic Drug Fields

    Thanks for the reply Jed, not sure what the craic is cause it shows that its dropped but I can't gather anything and tried gathering other stuff to make sure my windows key is working and worked fine. image of locations - https://imgur.com/a/fI9Zl Ill post the configs but can't see any errors but might be blind as its late here. fn_DynCoke https://pastebin.com/ch1UEXE0 fn_initCoke.sqf - https://pastebin.com/X54ugsve init.sqf - https://pastebin.com/cNgSENN1
  5. Marcus Suridius

    [REL] Dynamic Drug Fields

    Its an old post but was trying this and got the fields and everything working but nothing seems to spawn, does it spawn in a box or with smoke to make it more visible?