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    • Rozo

      Donations   09/18/2016

        We've added a donation block on the right side. All of those donation goes directly to the developer of Altis Life mod ( currently BoGuu ). None of that money is used to maintain the forum. In the future we might add a donation button to support the forum, but for now we want to encourage the developer because they went through a lot. To discuss this topic - Here
    • Shakir Darwish

      IS YOUR SERVER BROKEN SINCE 1.64 UPDATE?   09/22/2016

      If your server is broken since 1.64 go check this link thanks. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/issues/104
    • Rozo

      Sad Day   01/04/2017

      Good evening community of Altis Life RPG, Today was a sad day. We learned the hard way that one of the helper was using his status and visibility on the forum to do things i wouldn't imagine.  We were warned about this user in the beginning, we talked about his behavior and he said that they were things of the past. We were fooled.
      Unfortunately, he fooled other community members by selling stolen content and impersonating his role as a developer in another community. Here's a remember of one of the rules on our forum, No selling scripts, snippets, or services.   So if anyone come across someone who's selling his services, scripts or whatever, Report them. Especially if it's coming from an Helper, Mod, Admin. No one in the staff should ask for money, we already mention this when we reopened the forum and that rule is here to stay.

      We can't be sorry enough for what happen here, for any harm it as caused among other communities, for money that shouldn't been spent and we truly hope this doesn't happen again.

      As for the user in question, he is now banned from our forum and discord and we wish to never cross his path again.
        If there's anything we can do hit us on Discord or send a message to an admin.
      Thanks, Rozo.

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  1. [KICK] Marijuana

    I have added weed effects yesterday using this script - [Tutorial] Effects For Marijuana I also attached it to the pelvis as JedINyte advised and it works perfectly, try that and see if you still get kicked.
  2. [Tutorial] Statusbar 4.X

    Yeah managed to get it working with some fine tuning, here is my config in case its useful to anyone. When first trying it the bar never finished loading, I changed _food to _hunger because it gave off a SCANAR NAN error, works when changed. Also moved the _hunger _thirst _damage up to the other lines and below set them like the others. Only things left to tweak is that it displays hunger & thirst at 1 for 100 and like 0.6 for 60% but ill mess around and try get it 100%. I do have an issue that when robbing gas stations the bar disappears when the Robbing progress bar appears then the "robbing" one disappears and the status bar then reappears. Its odd because it doesn't happen when repairing or robbing the FED.
  3. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    sorry for the late reply mate, no idea whats up with this cause the only difference I could see was "private" before something. I changed something and it riverted back to the ocean. Im going to leave it for a while and just add helis to each Medics garage because the garage pullouts work just nothing the shops. thanks for the help pal.
  4. [Tutorial] Statusbar 4.X

    I have this working nicely, no problems but im trying to add food, health and thirst to it but not sure how to do it. Ive added the sections for it in playerbar.sqf but not sure what add in at the end of these lines for it to work <t shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' color='%10'><img size='1.6' shadowColor='#000000' image='scripts\status_bar\images\hunger.paa' color='%10'/> Food: </t> Ive added _food = (life_food / 100); _thirst = (life_thirst / 100); _damage = (life_damage / 100) under the variables as the way their called in the normal hud. Any ideas?
  5. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    No problem pal, thanks for the help. I did try without the }; and it didn't say anything about spawn blocked said I bought one but same no keys or anything spawning. Ill keep trying here.
  6. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    Ive made the changes, it now tries to buy it but nothing happens and when I double click rent or buy it says something is blocking the spawn point on each helipad. I check my keys and have none and nothing spawns so its stopped spawning them in the ocean which is progress. I can still retrieve from the garage after getting the "something is blocking the spawn point" and the heli appears just not the buying or renting. On the second change you asked me to make, at the end there was no }; so I added that but not sure if you left it out on purpose or just a typo. Copy of my fn_vehicleShopBuy.sqf
  7. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    I just want to spawn them at locations ive made for them, ive uploaded a screenshot of the area - https://imgur.com/a/zMZSJ Only tried adding hospitals cause ive been at it for a while and nothing ive tried worked so tried using the code to add in the hospital but same result. Ive a helipad default named, an empty system marker to specify the spawn location (which works for garage pullouts) but when I try buy or rent one it goes to the bottom left of the ocean.
  8. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    Its on Malden, there's no prebuilt hospitals which is causing the issue but no idea why I can't just point the spawns to helipads I add once I confirm in the NPC init.
  9. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    Thanks for the reply, im only new to coding for Arma so had no idea about that file or needing to change anything in it. Ive tried editting this bit, { _hs = createVehicle ["Land_Hospital_main_F", [0,0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; _hs setDir (markerDir _x); _hs setPosATL (getMarkerPos _x); _var = createVehicle ["Land_Hospital_side1_F", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; _var attachTo [_hs, [4.69775,32.6045,-0.1125]]; detach _var; _var = createVehicle ["Land_Hospital_side2_F", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; _var attachTo [_hs, [-28.0336,-10.0317,0.0889387]]; detach _var; } forEach ["hospital_2","hospital_3"]; And changing the "Land_Hospital_main_F" to the name of the hospital marker name and when that didn't work I tried changing the 0,0,0 to the coord's of the hospitals but got the same result. Ive even added in that building to the map using the debug console but same result. I see the part you mean on the vehicleShopBuy config, if (((life_veh_shop select 0) == "med_air_hs")) then { if ((nearestObjects[(getMarkerPos _spawnPoints),["Air"],35]) isEqualTo []) exitWith {_spawnPoint = _spawnPoints}; } else { //Check if there is multiple spawn points and find a suitable spawnpoint. if (_spawnPoints isEqualType []) then { //Find an available spawn point. {if ((nearestObjects[(getMarkerPos _x),["Car","Ship","Air"],5]) isEqualTo []) exitWith {_spawnPoint = _x};} forEach _spawnPoints; } else { if ((nearestObjects[(getMarkerPos _spawnPoints),["Car","Ship","Air"],5]) isEqualTo []) exitWith {_spawnPoint = _spawnPoints}; }; }; if (_spawnPoint isEqualTo "") exitWith {hint localize "STR_Shop_Veh_Block";closeDialog 0;}; CASH = CASH - _purchasePrice; hint format[localize "STR_Shop_Veh_Bought",getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _className >> "displayName"),[_purchasePrice] call life_fnc_numberText]; //Spawn the vehicle and prep it. if ((life_veh_shop select 0) == "med_air_hs") then { _vehicle = createVehicle [_className,[0,0,999],[], 0, "NONE"]; waitUntil {!isNil "_vehicle" && {!isNull _vehicle}}; //Wait? _vehicle allowDamage false; _hs = nearestObjects[getMarkerPos _spawnPoint,["Land_Hospital_side2_F"],50] select 0; _vehicle setPosATL (_hs modelToWorld [-0.4,-4,12.65]); sleep 0.6; } Would you know what id have to edit on this to have it work, I did try change the _spawnPoint,["Land_Hospital_side2_F"],50] select 0; Land_Hospital part to the hospital name and heli pad name but got the same.
  10. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    Yeah that's what I was thinking as well so I create a 3rd one to test and placed it at the airport so there wasn't an issue of lack of space but same issue of it spawning in the bottom left. I tested changing "Land_Hospital_side2_F" in that config to the marker name but same issue same with changing [-0.4,-4,12.65] to the coord's of the marker. Ill test changing the 0,0,999 to see if that works.
  11. Heli Spawning default bottom left of map

    Only thought there was the spawn.hpp file. Checked that one, is this the part you mean? [_query,1] call DB_fnc_asyncCall; if (_sp isEqualType "") then { _vehicle = createVehicle[(_vInfo select 2),[0,0,999],[],0,"NONE"]; waitUntil {!isNil "_vehicle" && {!isNull _vehicle}}; _vehicle allowDamage false; _hs = nearestObjects[getMarkerPos _sp,["Land_Hospital_side2_F"],50] select 0; _vehicle setPosATL (_hs modelToWorld [-0.4,-4,12.65]); uiSleep 0.6; } else {
  12. Hello, I have been trying to resolve an issue with helicopters spawning in the bottom left when a spawn location has been setup for them. For the NPC im using this code, this addAction["Medic Air Shop",life_fnc_vehicleShopMenu,["med_air_hs",independent,"medic_air_1","med","Medical Air Response"]]; this addAction["Air Garage", { if (life_HC_isActive) then { [getPlayerUID player,playerSide,"Air",player] remoteExecCall ["HC_fnc_getVehicles",HC_Life]; } else { [getPlayerUID player,playerSide,"Air",player] remoteExecCall ["TON_fnc_getVehicles",2];}; createDialog "Life_impound_menu"; disableSerialization; ctrlSetText[2802,"Fetching Vehicles...."]; life_garage_sp = "medic_air_1"; life_garage_type = "Air"; },"",0,false,false,"",'playerSide isEqualTo west']; this addAction["Store Vehicle in Garage",life_fnc_storeVehicle,"",0,false,false,"",'!life_garage_store']; I have an empty entity with the variable set to medic_air_1 and others set to 2, 3 etc. When I go to the NPC and spawn in a heli from either NPC the heli will spawn in the bottom left corner of the map, I have checked there to spot any NPC's, Markets etc but can't see anything but when I was on the server and went to the area I could see a Heli Pad there but it doesn't show on the Editor. I also tried different heli's incase that was the issue but it spawns in the same location. Vehicle Configs - Config The RPT logs don't show anything relating to vehicles, spawning or medics. RPT Log
  13. [REL] Dynamic Drug Fields

    Thanks for the reply Jed, not sure what the craic is cause it shows that its dropped but I can't gather anything and tried gathering other stuff to make sure my windows key is working and worked fine. image of locations - https://imgur.com/a/fI9Zl Ill post the configs but can't see any errors but might be blind as its late here. fn_DynCoke https://pastebin.com/ch1UEXE0 fn_initCoke.sqf - https://pastebin.com/X54ugsve init.sqf - https://pastebin.com/cNgSENN1
  14. [REL] Dynamic Drug Fields

    Its an old post but was trying this and got the fields and everything working but nothing seems to spawn, does it spawn in a box or with smoke to make it more visible?
  15. [Tutorial] Slot Machines

    Man this is lethal, tried it on an Infostand and worked without a bother. Im messing around to try it on tv screens.