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  1. Is it a texture or an actual vehicle? If it's a texture, you need to add it to the texture spot of the corresponding vehicle class. If it's new vehicles entirely, you're now in modded territory, and need to add the mods to your server, along with CBA_A3. Keep in mind that these players will have to download the mods as well before they are able to join.
  2. Might be a silly question but did you select the police texture? Also, the suv doesn't have a lightbar, you just press Shift+L to turn on the lights.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but I do also concur you are using a cracked infistar version. Your RPT log shows that the version you are using is from 2017.
  4. Tell us about yourself: I'm Alex, I'm 17 and I've been in the Arma 3 RP scene since 2015. I've ran, owned, or moderated a variety of servers on a variety of games including, Arma 3, Escape from Tarkov, Garry's Mod, GTA 4, GTA V, and Rust. What skills do you possess that you feel will help you do well as a helper? I think the biggest skill I've obtained is the fact I was a previous moderator for the popular game Escape from Tarkov (can provide proof if necessary). As well as owning servers, and some basic scripting experience I feel like I bring a well-rounded set of skills to the table.
  5. Hey everyone! If you've recently played Arma 3 Altis Life or any A3 RP server, you may notice that a lot of them are dying or there are fewer servers then there used to be. It's a shame because personally I've played GTA 4 RP, FiveM, Arma 3 RP, Garry's Mod RP, and a few others, but no other experience has beaten Arma 3 to this day. I'm asking anyone viewing this post if you haven't started up Altis Life or joined an RP Server in a while, to give it another go and to help revive this great experience. Here's what I propose: If you're a normal person: Give an Altis Life/RP Serv
  6. First 50 people that sign up on the website get a 10k starting bonus!!
  7. Good question! I'm not pointing fingers with the scripts I have. There's definitely nothing wrong with having those scripts in a server. The point I was making there, was letting people know we wouldn't implement any scripts that would make the roleplay "unrealistic"
  8. Crimson Network Arma 3 Life Crimson Network Arma 3 Life has just launched today! We are a community all about Hardcore Role-play. Map: Kelley's Island Remastered Website: Crimsonetwork.net Teamspeak: cn.ts.nfoservers.com Why join us? Frequent Server Updates - We are currently doing daily server updates fixing bugs, adding features, and general server changes! Staff/Faction Leaders with 1000's of hours worth of experience in both ArmA, and Role-playing Hardcore RP - A lot of Server's lack when it comes to proper role-play, we focus on Person to Person
  9. THIS SERVER IS CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT!! Crimson Network Arma 3 Life Website: Crimsonetwork.com Teamspeak: crimson.ts.nfoservers.com Planned Server Release Date: 11/11/2018 - 11/14/2018 Game Server is not up yet. Thread will be updated. Download the Mods to get a jump-start when the server goes up! Pictures: At Crimson Network, we want to give users a serious, fun, in-depth, and realistic approach at roleplay. We believe in more than just the PVP, but also in human interactions, and at a civil life-style. On the civilian side of things, there are mult
  10. First impressions.. I'm loving the looks of it, looks like a great server. I would recommend getting a new forum such as one from Invision Community, and I would recommend getting new police cars as well. I wish you the best of luck with this man! Off to a great start.
  11. This is a good reference for people who don't know how to add the player init. Adding to main post + credits to you for the source!
  12. I don't need it, I was just letting you know
  13. That's a problem, you need their notification system too.
  14. My input, even with servers like takistan, it doesn't go to that extent. In taki, you may have an armed technical, but not a gunship. Lmao.
  15. Any reason you told us to put _geticon when there isn't such a file? Causes errors Edit: After not being able to solve errors, I decided to remove the script, and I still get fn_Dynmarket_geticon.sqf not found wtf. Please enlighten me. Edit: Still no luck after 3 hrs of trying. I even went as far as to put a fresh functions.hpp in. This is getting confusing and annoying. All rpt says is "Warning Message: Script core\DynMarket\fn_DYNMARKET_getIcon.sqf not found" so doesn't help much. Edit: Figured it out. Isn't TADST great? Told it to run one mission file, but it ran another
  16. Original Author: PapaBear Reupload: DaBombGamer Source: My Google Drive Coding Knowledge: Moderate Works on 4.0. Haven't tested 4.4 This is a barebones script. I am not including the Functions.hpp etc. If someone wants to put effort and do that, i'll happily add it to the main post Similar to @Repentz repost, but this is blackjack, and that... well it's slots. Sorry it's not a full release. Currently 4AM and don't feel like doing much coding. May add it in at a later time. CREDITS TO DEADLESSZOMBIE FOR THIS SOURCE. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADD THE REST I
  17. Seems interesting. Not something i'm interested in because my division of the server focuses on PVP. But still, thanks for another release to help make the life community better
  18. This is a rough idea on how a Deadman would work. (This won't work) if(vest player = "V_HarnessOGL_gry") then _player addAction ["Deadman Switch", "fn_deadman.sqf"] _player=_this select 0; if (!alive player) then life_isSuiciding = true If it's in high demand, (with the owners permission of course) I may be able to make a Deadman in a few work hours.
  19. Sorry for late reply. Darkaresgaming.net They are running version
  20. Can't give you the name of the person but I can give a community. Dark Ares Gaming. This is the pat down script they run: http://pastebin.com/FUbyB3cV It says a guy named "Scotty" made it
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