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  1. KeePvP

    Problems with the server

    Ive tried to use someone elses server files, but then if seen that there was a lot of bugs, so i've started to copy the map from Altislife 5.0 to Kelleys.
  2. KeePvP

    Problems with the server

    But thats no reason for dont detect me leaving the server
  3. KeePvP

    Problems with the server

    Still having the same issue. Ive reinstalled the life_server from the framework, and nothing. It stills giving me the same error as you said. I think is because i've changed the map from Altis to Kelleys Island.
  4. The problem i have i think is from the server. When i connect, all is perfect and works great, but when i leave to the servers list and then i try to enter again, it stucks on the loading screen, i cant even choose if i want to be police or ... And when i see the server console, it didnt know i leave the server. Server .rpt Sorry if my english is bad.
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    Ups, sorry.
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