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  1. . Fix For Dupe Using Gang Bank Funds The Gang WithDraw Button Will Only Be Visible For The Gang Owner. Find The File: fn_atmMenu.sqf Replace All Content With This: #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_atmMenu.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Opens and manages the bank menu. */ private ["_units","_type","_donoGang"]; if (!life_use_atm) exitWith { hint format [localize "STR_Shop_ATMRobbed",(LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"noatm_timer"))]; }; if (!dialog) then { if (!(createDialog "Life_atm_management")) exitWith {}; }; disableSerialization; _units = CONTROL(2700,2703); lbClear _units; CONTROL(2700,2701) ctrlSetStructuredText parseText format ["<img size='1.7' image='icons\ico_bank.paa'/> $%1<br/><img size='1.6' image='icons\ico_money.paa'/> $%2",[BANK] call life_fnc_numberText,[CASH] call life_fnc_numberText]; { _name = _x getVariable ["realname",name _x]; if (alive _x && (!(_name isEqualTo profileName))) then { switch (side _x) do { case west: {_type = "Cop"}; case civilian: {_type = "Civ"}; case independent: {_type = "EMS"}; }; _units lbAdd format ["%1 (%2)",_x getVariable ["realname",name _x],_type]; _units lbSetData [(lbSize _units)-1,str(_x)]; }; } forEach playableUnits; lbSetCurSel [2703,0]; (CONTROL(2700,2705)) ctrlEnable false; (CONTROL(2700,2705)) ctrlShow false; _donoGang = (group player) getVariable "gang_owner"; if (_donoGang isEqualTo (getPlayerUID player)) then { (CONTROL(2700,2705)) ctrlEnable true; (CONTROL(2700,2705)) ctrlShow true; }; if (isNil {(group player getVariable "gang_bank")}) then { (CONTROL(2700,2706)) ctrlEnable false; }; .
  2. Author: RobérioJR You Need To Install My Mission Base: RJFRAMEWORK.rar Step 1: Download Functions: Bomba.rar Download Bomb Icon: bomb.paa And Put The Folder: "Bomba" In Folder: "RJ\Scripts" Step 2: Archive: Config_Items.hppAdd This Bellow 'class VirtualItems {': class timedbomb { variable = "timedbomb"; displayName = "STR_Item_timedbomb"; weight = 12; buyPrice = 15000; sellPrice = -1; illegal = true; edible = -1; icon = "RJ\Tex\bomb.paa"; }; Add Bomb To Rebel Market:Find The Class rebel, Add "timedbomb" To 'Items[] = {...}' Add bomb.paa Icon To: 'RJ\Tex' Step 3: Archive: fn_UseItem.sqfBellow 'switch (true) do {' Add: case (_item == "timedbomb"): { [] Spawn RJ_fnc_ConfigurarBomba; }; Step 4: Archive: RJ\RJ_Functions.hppAdd To Class RJ_Scripts: class Bomba { file = "RJ\Scripts\Bomba"; class Bomba {}; class SliderBomba {}; class ConfigurarBomba {}; }; Step 5: Archive: RJ\RJ_Master.hppAdd: #include "Scripts\Bomba\RJ_Bomba.hpp" Step 6: Archive: RJ_Config.hppAdd To Class RJ_Config: /* Timed Bomb */ RJ_BombMinTime = 20; //Min Of Bomb Blast Time In Settings (In Seconds) RJ_BombMaxTime = 240; //Max Of Bomb Blast Time In Settings (In Seconds) Step 7: Archive: stringtable.xmlAdd: <Key ID="STR_Item_timedbomb"> <Original>Timed Bomb</Original> <Portuguese>Bomba Temporizada</Portuguese> </Key> Finished ! ScreenShot:
  3. Author: RobérioJR Hello, This Is My First Script That I Release, Soon I Will Be Releasing Other Scripts. I Had The Idea Of Writing This Script While Playing PUBG You Need To Install My Mission Base: RJFRAMEWORK.rar Step 1: Download Functions: PainKiller.rar Download PainKiller Icon: painkiller.paa And Put The "PainKiller" Folder In The Folder: "RJ\Scripts" Step 2: Archive: Config_Items.hpp Add This Bellow 'class VirtualItems {': class painkiller { variable = "painkiller"; displayName = "STR_Item_painkiller"; weight = 7; buyPrice = 3500; sellPrice = -1; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "RJ\Tex\painkiller.paa"; }; Add PainKiller To Market: Find The Class Market, And Add "painkiller" To 'Items[] = {...}' And Add painkiller.paa Icon To: 'RJ\Tex' Step 3: Archive: fn_UseItem.sqf Bellow 'switch (true) do {' Add: case (_item == "painkiller"): { [] Spawn RJ_fnc_UsarAnalgesico; }; Step 4: Archive: RJ\RJ_Functions.hpp Add To Class RJ_Scripts: class PainKiller { file = "RJ\Scripts\PainKiller"; class UsarAnalgesico {}; }; Step 5: Archive: RJ\CFGs.sqf Add Bellow 'RJ_DelayTerminado = true;' RJ_UsandoAnalgesico = false; Step 6: Archive: RJ_Config.hpp Add To Class RJ_Config: /* PainKiller */ RJ_PainKillerEffectTime = 120; //Time In Seconds Of PainKiller Effect RJ_PainKillerHealTime = 8; //Time In Seconds Between Each Cure Interval Step 7: Archive: stringtable.xml Add: <Key ID="STR_Item_painkiller"> <Original>PainKiller</Original> <Portuguese>Analgésico</Portuguese> </Key> DONE ! If There Is An Error, Just Let Me Know Sorry For My Horrible English, I'm Brazilian.
  4. Put This Case In fn_KeyHandler.sqf ps: Se Tu For Brasileiro Eu Posso Ajudar Se Vc Entrar No Discord: https://discord.gg/ccKVqF case 15: { if (cursorTarget distance player < 60 && {(isPlayer cursorTarget)}) then { [] call life_fnc_openanuncio; } else { hint "You need to be within 60 meters of your victim!"; }; };
  5. Are you sure that you are the author of this script? As far as I know the author of this script is Casperento. You just changed the names of the files and put the credit for you.
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