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  1. If you still having issues just upload your Config_vehicles.hpp i'll have a look.
  2. Need server and client side logs so i can have a look
  3. I'd like to remove the no licence processing option from when you process item. https://hastebin.com/unidahukog.cs Inside my NPC: this addUniform "U_Marshal"; this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false; this addAction[localize"STR_Process_Copper",life_fnc_processAction,"copper",0,false,false,"",' license_civ_copper && playerSide isEqualTo civilian']; this addAction[format ["%1 ($%2)",localize (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "copper" >> "displayName")), [(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "copper" >> "price"))] call life_fnc_numberText],life_fnc_buyLicense,"copper",0,false,false,"",' !license_civ_copper && playerSide isEqualTo civilian ']; class copper { variable = "copper"; displayName = "STR_License_Copper"; price = 3000; illegal = false; side = "civ"; };
  4. "100% made from scratch" Some stuff is similar to the rpf framework u sure its 100% custom
  5. Isn't this redroleplay stuff just different color on the HUD
  6. So i've disable all chats ingame for text & voice this is the code which i've used //--- Control Chat - Format: {channelID<number>, disableChat<bool>, disableVoice<bool>} disableChannels[] = { {0, true, true}, //--- Global Chat {1, true, true}, //--- Side Chat {2, true, true}, //--- Command Chat {3, true, true}, //--- Group Chat {4, true, true}, //--- Vehicle Chat {5, true, true}, //--- Direct Chat {6, true, true}, //--- System Chat {7, true, true}, //--- Civ Side Chat {8, true, true}, {9, true, true} }; Problem is when you press "," or "." they show up on bottom left. How can i remove them so they don't show up since i'm using TFR Thanks in advance.
  7. I've got quite a bit grass to remove from eden cause it looks terrible, don't want to use grass cutters i'd need to place like 1000 of em, is there a better way?
  8. I get the "The safe is empty" and the ANN World News don't dissapear
  9. How do i change maximum price it can increase and decrease to?
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