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  1. I'm doing this on a phone so this is annoying lol. Bare with me here. The way I would do it is create a script in the mission file like "fn_phoneRequestMarker.sqf" and inside there add private [_positionVar,_marker]; _positionVar = position player; _marker = createMarker ["phoneRequestMarker", _positionVar]; "phoneRequestMarker" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "phoneRequestMarker" setMarkerText "Warning! Recent emergency phone call from or near this location!"; "phoneRequestMarker" setMarkerType "mil_warning"; sleep (2 * 60); deleteMarker "phoneRequestMarker"; At the moment with the current code it will show the marker to everyone. I don't remember how to only make the marker visible for that specific side, you will also have to create both seperate files for police and medic because it doesn't check whether what faction it needs to show it too in 1 file, until I get back onto my PC I'll help you finish this anyways, then define the path and tag through functions.hpp after that you will have to call the script once a player sends a text with the phone. You can do this in the life_server side and the file functions.sqf. Look for "TON_fnc_cell_emsrequest" and in that method you will see "call [] life_fnc_cellPhone;" below it add "[] call life_fnc_phoneRequestMarker;" without the quotation marks. that should work if you do it correctly.
  2. You got something similar to what you're trying to do. It's already in that file - [false,"boltcutter",1] call life_fnc_handleInv;
  3. Where ever bolt cutters are used, I guess add this snippet right under it.
  4. if (!([false,"boltCutters",1] call life_fnc_handleInv)) exitWith {hint "You used the boltcutters";};
  5. Have you placed Maverick's remote exec correctly into the altisliferpg framework's remote exec file? Could be communication problem between server/client side. Got me stumped mate.
  6. Search for it, top right corner of this forums. "Anti-VDM Script".
  7. Have to executed the extra tables/columns that are required for the tuning shop. Strange, its only happening to 1 vehicle. Maybe check the textures you have for that vehicle if you have added any. Or even. Delete your entire profile from the database and retry to replicate the issue. Not sure tbh but its all trail and error. Its SQF, this shits unpredictable sometimes.
  8. Yeah you could do this with a lightbar script or even attaching lights to the top of a vehicle similar to how the police lights work on the default altis framework and adding a scroll wheel option while in a vehicle (and all necessary checks.) Creating the license is easy, theres already plenty of examples to make one and also many tuts here on how to. You just gotta look around. When you create the scroll wheel option get it to call a script and in that script you can start to initialize everything to begin the custom lights, will take a bit of knowledge in sqf/commands but if you reverse engineer the default scripts in the original framework for the police lightbar then you can do it just with a bit of common sense. Will take you a bit but you will get it.
  9. You can do this by when a player sends a message to those factions that it will create a marker on the map by checking player location and getting their name placing that into a variable and calling that variable as a string inside marker message so it displays it on the map with their name and then i guess doing it really simple but adding a sleep for 3 minutes or something and then delete the marker. Theres heaps of things you could do with this, just be creative!
  10. Just add a boolean in the scripts that use the bolt cutters, after they use it set it so that that virtual item in their virtual inventory is set to false/0.
  11. From what you're asking, it seems like you're looking for a Anti-VDM Script. Just search for it here on the forums and you will find a few.
  12. You've probably messed something up when installing the Tuning Shop from Maverick Applications. You do have to edit files that tamper with retrieving vehicles and storing them.
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