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Community Answers

  1. Sounds like a broken safezone script or an issue with your fn_handleDamage.sqf. Have you made any modifications to the framework?
  2. Thank you for contributing to the community! I have a question though, why don't you add the file to functions.hpp then spawn it instead of execVMing the un-compiled script?
  3. Here's the zip file from the form. Remember to credit the author if you use any of his work. -link removed- If the author would like this link removed please PM me and I will do so.
  4. Can you re-paste them? Pastebin is saying the content has been removed.
  5. Please Pastebin your client logs. To access your client logs do the following 1) Press Windows key + R this will open a box in the bottom left corner. 2) Type in %localappdata%\Arma 3 3) Press Ok. This will open the file where your logs are stored. Sort files by date, newest first. Open the latest RPT log and copy everything inside. The quickest way to do this is by pressing CTRL + A followed by CTRL + C. Go to Pastebin.com Paste the RPT log inside using CTRL + V. At the bottom press Create New Paste. Copy the URL and post it here as a comment.
  6. I have to ask, have you tested the changes in steps 2 and 3? You are using _x outside of a loop which in my experience causes errors. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Magic_Variables
  7. Depending on your medical settings, medics should be able to get people out of unconsciousness with the use of a PAK or proper treatment. There are ways of making both action use the same file but for those who don't want to rewrite fn_healHospital.sqf, the multi-file method works. Thank you for contributing to the community.
  8. If you don't want to create new files you can do the following: Open fn_healHospital.sqf (core\actions) On line 32 replace player setDamage 0; with [player, player] call ace_medical_treatment_fnc_fullHeal fnc_fullHeal.sqf documentation: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/medical_treatment/functions/fnc_fullHeal.sqf
  9. I normally spawn the function itself and write the code normally. Ex (taken from an old script): [_vehicle] spawn PDT_fnc_underGlow; fn_underGlow.sqf params ["_vehicle"]; _light = "#lightpoint" createVehicle position _vehicle; _light setLightAmbient [0,1,0.051]; _light setLightColor [0,1,0.051]; _light setLightIntensity 100; _light setLightAttenuation [ 0.5, // start, distance with 100% intensity 5, // constant, brightness? lower = higher 1 // linear, appears to affect the feathering of the edge. 0.005, // quadratic, appears to affect how much ambient light there is. lower = more 0.05, // hardLimitStart, max distance hard limit start (start of fading of intensity to 0) in m 3 // hardLimitEnd, max distance hard limit end (end of fading of intensity to 0) in m ]; _light setLightDayLight true; // allow the under glow effect to show during the day _underGlowAttatched = [] call PDT_fnc_attatchUnderGlow; // called from a scheduled environment so no need to spawn it if (_underGlowAttatched) then { ... ... } else { ... ... }; (the formatting is off, sorry)
  10. It wouldn't change much in terms of the script but it would be better optimized. Currently you are adding 2 things to the scheduler, if you remove the []spawn{} from the script you will only be adding one.
  11. Since you're spawning the function, why are you also spawning the function's code? [] spawn yourFunction; [] spawn {function code}; vs [] spawn yourFunction; {function code};
  12. Yeah, I just saw that. I update my post above.
  13. I get that, I'm just saying the one in the default framework does the same thing in a simpler way. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your contribution and applaud you for sharing your script, but in it's current state the default playerSkins works just as well. Side note, your script has some errors in it. Line 22 is missing an opening "(" and a closeing ")". if player == ((_dfltCop) && !(_swatMember) then { Line 27 is missing a closing "}" and an if-statement. else (player (((_texture) !(_dfltCopUni)) && !(_swatMember))) then { Line 33 I don't think this will work, I haven't tried though. titleText && hint "Please contact an Admin asap, and report to dev that u did not receive your uniform!"; Line 34 missing a closing "}" and an if-statement. If you remove the "then" you can instead use "if (condition) exitWith{};" else (player (((_texture) == (_dfltCopUni)) && !(_swatMember))) then {
  14. Isn't this already built into the 5.0 framework? https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/v5.X.X/Altis_Life.Altis/core/functions/fn_playerSkins.sqf
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