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  1. Fawks

    Houes not saving

    Where did you get the files from?
  2. Fawks

    Houes not saving

    Please post fn_getPlayTime.sqf (@life_server\Functions\PlayTime). Q1: Before you started having these issues did you add/remove anything? If so, what?
  3. Fawks

    Stuck on Setting up server please wait

    It is always recommended to use the most up-to-date version. You didn't need to remove those lines, that was my mistake, I should've clarified; Those errors are caused when the HC variables are not being defined. I don't have much experience with those errors however when they have happened it has been because something was missing in @life_server. The HC variables are defined in the @life_server's init.sqf (around lines 37 - 47) after which initHC.sqf is called. At the end of the init.sqf the missionfiles's init.sqf is called (the HC variables are not mentioned in it). While these are running (I think) the core init.sqf starts the HC is mentioned in lines 12 - 18 and 154 - 158. @life_server's init.sqf (lines 37 - 47) initHC.sqf core init.sqf lines 12 - 18 and 154 - 158: Here is the problem if "life_HC_isActive" does not get defined and broadcasted in the @life_server's init.sqf all the other init's will throw the "variable not defined" error. The only reason (that I know of) "life_HC_isActive" would not get defined is if the @life_server's init.sqf does not run. The reasons it wouldn't run are: R1: @life_server is not .pbo-ed. R2: @life_server.pbo is not in @life_server/addons. R3: @life_server/addons/@life_server.pbo is missing R4: A combination of the above reasons. I would check and make sure that: Your @life_server.pbo is inside your @life_server/addons and if your @life_server.pbo is in fact .pbo-ed. Here is the link to the GitHub if you wish to update to 5.0
  4. Fawks

    Houes not saving

    It would look like it's having problems converting things to arrays then inserting said arrays into the database. Check if your fn_mresToArray.sqf (@life_server > Functions > MySQL) looks like this: And check if your fn_queryRequest.sqf (@life_server\Functions\MySQL) looks like this: Here is a Pastebin containing both of the above files (it may be easier to compare to) The problem may also be in your fn_addHouse.sqf (@life_server > Functions > Housing) check if yours matches this: If it's not in any of those files then it could be an issue with your fn_buyHouse.sqf (missionfile > core > housing) here is the default one to compare: Q1: Did your files look like the ones I posted? If they didn't please, Pastebin those files and post them.
  5. Fawks

    Stuck on Setting up server please wait

    For the topmost errors, I would look into your core init.sqf (root > core), as well as your life_server's, init.sqf.
  6. Fawks

    Stuck on Setting up server please wait

    The following errors are what is causing this to happen These errors shouldn't cause this issue but they will cause others.
  7. Fawks

    Hud with Cop medic and civ count

  8. Fawks

    Shift R - Civs + Cops???

    You shouldn't have to create a new variable to get it to work. Can you list all prior steps you've taken while attempted to get this working? If you have edited any files please, post them (using Pastebin) along with their name.
  9. Fawks

    Problem With addAction"

    Put the action in your fn_setupActions.sqf (root > core)
  10. Fawks

    Shift R - Civs + Cops???

    Here is the default tieingAction, I have added comments which should explain how to go about editing the conditions you specified. If you are using the zip-tie script I mentioned you shouldn't have to add shift + r for civilians as the script adds the action to the player interaction menu. Note: I do not know if "...getVariable["isTazed", false]..." will work.
  11. Fawks

    Shift R - Civs + Cops???

    Q1: Can you post your fn_tieingAction.sqf - Pastebin Q2: Are you using this zip-tie/knockout/gag/blindfold script? Q3: Are you getting an error when you attempt to zip-tie someone? If yes, use Pastebin and post your server/client RPT logs.
  12. It will take a lot of work but yes, you can. Put this into an object's init: pos = this getRelPos [0,0]; vines1 = createSimpleObject ["a3\plants_f\Bush\b_NeriumO2s_white_F.p3d", pos]; vines1 setPos (getPos this); hideObject this; Replace "a3\plants_f\Bush..." with the path to the grass you want. (steam\steamapps\Arma 3\Addons\plants_f) Is the file they are located in. I haven't tested how well this works. Answer pulled from here.
  13. Fawks

    Taser help?

  14. Fawks

    Taser help?

    #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_handleDamage.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Handles damage, specifically for handling the 'tazer' pistol and nothing else. */ params [ ["_unit",objNull,[objNull]], ["_part","",[""]], ["_damage",0,[0]], ["_source",objNull,[objNull]], ["_projectile","",[""]], ["_index",0,[0]] ]; if (!isNull _source && {_source != _unit}) then { if (side _source isEqualTo west) then { if (currentWeapon _source in ["ADD WEAPON CLASS NAMES HERE SEPERATE WITH A COMMA"] && _projectile in ["ADD AMMO CLASS NAMES HERE SEPERATE WITH A COMMA"]) then { if (alive _unit) then { if (playerSide isEqualTo civilian && {!life_istazed}) then { private _distance = 35; //<<<Remove this if you want to tase at any distance if (_projectile isEqualTo "B_556x45_dual") then {_distance = 100}; //<<<Remove this if you want to tase at any distance if (_unit distance _source < _distance) then { //<<<Remove this if you want to tase at any distance if !(isNull objectParent _unit) then { if (typeOf (vehicle _unit) isEqualTo "B_Quadbike_01_F") then { _unit action ["Eject",vehicle _unit]; [_unit,_source] spawn life_fnc_tazed; }; } else { [_unit,_source] spawn life_fnc_tazed; }; }; //<<<Remove this if you want to tase at any distance }; _damage = if (_part isEqualTo "") then { damage _unit; } else { _unit getHit _part; }; }; }; }; }; What I posted above should work. If you remove the lines I marked you should update the indentation of the script. Note: I used the 5.0 fn_handleDamage.sqf for what I posted above if you have a lesser version you may want to modify and use it.
  15. Q1: Can you post your server RPT logs? Pastebin. Q2: Have you modified your fn_onPlayerKilled.sqf (core\medical) at all? If so please, post it as well. Q3: Have you modified your fn_requestMedic.sqf (core\medical) at all? If so please, post it as well.