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  1. If possible can you provide RPT logs? Have you tried this?
  2. Fawks

    Setting up, please wait

    Are you using a server host (Host Havoc, Vilayer, etc) or are you hosting it on your pc/localhost? If you are using a server host they should provide you with the database username and password. Whereas if you are hosting it from your PC/localhost you will need to set up a database and use its username and password. --- Server host instructions: Go to your control panel and find a button labeled "Database info", "Show database info", etc. when clicked it should show something along the lines of: -- PHPMyAdmin Link -- 158.**.***.** */phpmyadmin -- Database Information -- Host: 158.**.***.** * User: *** Password: *** Database Name: *** The script has executed successfully. You may close this window. Go into your exDB3 config and replace [altislife] IP = Port = 3306 Username = arma3 Password = Database = altislife with [altislife] IP = database IP Port = 3306 (leave as is or change to database port) Username = database username Password = database password Database = database name Then save your exDB3 config and attempt to run your server. ----- To set up a local host database I recomend following the GitHub instructions https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/wiki/Setup-Server
  3. Fawks

    Setting up, please wait

    Does the password you set match that of the database?
  4. Fawks

    Setting up, please wait

    This might be the cause: [20:58:40:776200 +01:00] [Thread 8532] extDB3: MariaDBConnectorException: altislife: Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'altislife' it's in your extDB3 log. Also in your exDB3 config, the password field is blank. Username = arma3 Password = Database = altislife
  5. Fawks

    [TUTORIAL] Market gltich fix

    No @BoGuu it doesn't. I just tested the "fix" you mentioned above on my server (removed the above fix first) and it did nothing to fix the market glitch. When I re-added the above fix, the glitch was gone. Here's what happens when you do the glitch: 1: It causes an 8-10 second delay (I assume due to the large amount of items?) 2: If you buy something (with an amount of 1) before that delay runs out it will give you both the single item and the x amount of items you are glitching (I say x amount because it depends on the servers carry weight settings) I think this is caused by creating a buffer (the 8-10 second delay) then abusing said buffer by buying a single item which takes less time to process which, causes the script to "fast forward" (run without the buffer) bypassing the if ((_price * _amount) > CASH && {!isNil "_hideout" && {!isNil {group player getVariable "gang_bank"}} && {(group player getVariable "gang_bank") <= _price * _amount}}) exitWith {hint localize "STR_NOTF_NotEnoughMoney"}; step for the large amount. I may be completely wrong in this assumption however that is just what I have noticed. I know that it has nothing to do with carry-weight because it doesn't give you more than you can carry, nor does it give a "you are carrying to much" warning. Now, I will apologize in advanced if I come off has harsh or disrespectful, as that is not what I am attempting to do. *EDIT* Your fix worked as long as I removed my VR suit...Sorry for the above post (rant?) I forgot that the VR suit allows me to carry anything.
  6. Fawks

    [TUTORIAL] Market gltich fix

    @BoGuu, that doesn't fix the market issue, it fixes a carry weight issue (which is not what this (the above) fix does). "Calculates weight differences in the _cWeight (current Weight) against the _mWeight (Max Weight) Multiple purpose system for this life mission."
  7. Fawks

    [TUTORIAL] Market gltich fix

    An example of the glitch to which I'm referring to can be found at the end. Step 1: Open your fn_virt_buy.sqf (found in core\shops) on line 17 add: if (_amount isEqualTo 15000) exitWith {hint localize "STR_Shop_Virt_AmountToHigh";}; It should look like this: _amount = parseNumber(_amount); if (_amount isEqualTo 15000) exitWith {hint localize "STR_Shop_Virt_AmountToHigh";}; if (_diff <= 0) exitWith {hint localize "STR_NOTF_NoSpace"}; --------------------------- Step 2: Still in fn_virt_buy.sqf On line 22 change : if ((time - life_action_delay) < 0.2) exitWith {hint localize "STR_NOTF_ActionDelay";}; to if ((time - life_action_delay) < 1) exitWith {hint localize "STR_NOTF_ActionDelay";}; --------------------------- Step 3: Open your stringtable.xml (found in your root folder) on lines 8792 - 8794 add: <Key ID="STR_Shop_Virt_AmountToHigh"> <Original>You are attempting to buy to many items</Original> </Key> It should look like this: <Portuguese>Você vendeu %1 %2 por R$%3</Portuguese> <Polish>Sprzedałeś %1 %2 za $%3</Polish> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Shop_Virt_AmountToHigh"> <Original>You are attempting to buy to many items</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Shop_Weapon_NoSelect"> <Original>You need to select an item to buy/sell.</Original> <Czech>Je třeba vybrat položku na buy / sell.</Czech> Credit: Step 2 was provided by JedINyte - https://www.altisliferpg.com/profile/165-jedinyte/ --------------------------- Video of the glitch: