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  1. You will have to speak to the staff team of the server you're playing on.
  2. I recommend upgrading to 5.0, a lot of bugs and exploits have been patched since
  3. Sus reglas parecen haber sido modificadas por NeonLife y otras fuentes. ¿Tienes permiso para usar los archivos de servidor de PopLife?
  4. ¿Puede por favor proporcionar imágenes de su servidor?
  5. I'm confused, is this a Wasteland server or a life server?
  6. The latest release is 5.0. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework I would recommend downloading the master branch though. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/tree/master
  7. A couple of questions: Q1. Why must players download a launcher instead of just downloading the mods and running through the default launcher? Q2. Why do you have to log in to the launcher using an email and password? Q3. How are you storing people's login info? What kind of security do you have in place to prevent attacks? Q4. What features does your server have other than those listed above? Q5. Is it possible to include some pictures in your ad? Although listing features is great and can give a lot of information pictures show what the server actually looks like.
  8. Use the search function on the forums, there a quite a few out there. You could also make your own/have someone make it for you.
  9. From the looks of those skins, they appear to be old. You'd be much better off creating your own skins or finding someone to make them for you. This place had some similar skins: https://web.archive.org/web/20150304061403/http://altispolice.org:80/police-skins.html. If you can't find anyone to make your skins I can try to.
  10. There's an option in Config_Master around line 164.
  11. There are still a fair few active here. I think people are just not posting as much as they used to.
  12. This error was found in your RPT log: Warning Message: Script \life_server\init.sqf not found If you haven't already make sure in your server's root directory (where the exe is) you have the following: @life_server > addons > @life_server.pbo
  13. Assuming you are running the latest version you have to edit Config_Loadouts.hpp located in Altis_Life.Altis > config.
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