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  1. Have you looked at the .hpp and .sqf files that handle the wanted menu?
  2. You are not going to be spoon-fed scripts here.
  3. You do have spyglass errors. You also have script errors. @john_65wadwada654
  4. @john_65wadwada654 Then look at your logs for the answer. Or reinstall this script.
  5. @john_65wadwada654 Try removing the "5" and ' "" '.
  6. @john_65wadwada654 Check your logs. When spyglass kicks you it will tell you why in your logs.
  7. re-link: Start from the beginning to get the full context.
  8. You can click to unmute it. You can also watch the full stream which shows that from the beginning you have ESP on. You also have $240,000,000 mil in your bank (time stamp, 00:18:24)...kinda weird. At 00:22:07 you can see that you have a lot of things toggled on in infiSTAR. I assume they have been toggled on the whole time as you don't open it beforehand. At 00:22:36 You start shooting at a random player who you had no previous interaction with (note, this is also when we see that no recoil is on). You then spawn in an optic (00:23:26). The claim of you going up there to "investigate and RDM" is not proven by your stream. The only mention of "RDM" was by a cop. The claim was said in passing and you nor any of your staff responded to it. Again, at 00:25:28 you start shooting at random people. You then claim that the people you where shooting at are hacking because...they found where you were and starting shooting at you. You shot over 20 rounds at them from the same position, if they didn't find you I would be surprised. At 00:28:30 you jokingly say "...I want to know if he accuses me of being in god-mode..." well, you were in god-mode so he would be correct. Oh, found the RDM claim. It was around 00:30:00ish. After you had been shooting at people from the hilltop. You then revive the dead cop..because why not at this point (00:31:47). I could go on more but I think I've made my point. You were throughout that whole stream abusing your power as an Admin/Owner. It is your server and you may do with it what you wish but when people call you out for abusing don't be surprised. My goal in posting this is to give those reading this thread some context about what @ronny scronny is referring to and to give you some advice; If you want to run a successful server you need to stop abusing your power as an owner/admin. If you continue more and more people will start noticing and more videos will come out. You will ruin your reputation in the Altis Life community and no one will want to associate with you in the future. I'll leave the link to your stream below so others can watch it and get the full context. Before I do though I just want to ask you this: If one of your staff members was to pull this crap what would you do? Would you brush it off like it was no big deal, or would you blacklist that person from the server or at the very least from all whitelisted positions within it. As I said, my goal is to give context and advice. This post is not meant to be an attack or start an argument. It is meant to open your eyes. Link to full stream: @dexatrin82
  9. Download the framework from here: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework Then follow the instructions on how to install it from here: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/wiki/Setup-Server
  10. The .dlls were not found. Re-install infiSTAR.
  11. Fawks

    [BASICS] Ear Plugs

    It is a problem with the HUD. If ear-plugs work and the HUD icon doesn't, the HUD is the problem. Look back through your HUD tutorial and make sure you followed the instructions for ear-plugs correctly. Double that the variable it is using is the correct variable. You may also need to edit the variable's value is the correct value.
  12. Fawks

    [BASICS] Ear Plugs

    That would be a problem with the HUD, re-do the tut for it. This system is..ok but it (at least for my players) is annoying to deal with. Instead of pressing a button once to put earplugs, and pressing it once more to take them out, you have to press it multiple times.
  13. Fawks

    [BASICS] Ear Plugs

    Ear plugs are already in 5.0 so there is no need to install this.
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