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  1. a simple if !(license_cop_cKripo) exitWith {hint "Du bist kein Mitglied der Kriminalpolizei"}; at the beginning would have been enough... no need to put everything in an if else check
  2. also only works with arma3 standard vehicles or modded vehicles if they have implemented the numberplate system correctly... but there are many out there which had NOT done it right
  3. why dont you ask the server ordner to build a small webpage where he can display all this info... no other way around...
  4. that was exactly what i thought when i read his post...
  5. and now you are selling your stuff... are you serious bro? and why the heck should people then buy your stuff instead the ones of the already finished ones? arma3... what did you become...
  6. let them do some pickup and deliver jobs or something... is more realistic imho there is a script for cops already available which can be adapted to any faction easily
  7. one question... impound for medics... WHY? what do you have cops for? or maybe if you have technical service... what are they for... shouldnt be the job of medics to impound vehicles... jm2c
  8. who said 5.0 wouldnt be good for scripting? these guys have no clue what they are talking about... sounds like they are copy&paste cowboys who cant do a single line of own code 5.0 is similar to 4.4 r4 to a high percentage and most 4.4 scripts work on 5.0 out of the box while a few others need a few edits here and there but nothing that couldnt be done
  9. that is similar to mavericks tool https://allianceapps.de/armacontrol on mavericks page it says Before the end of it's service, we will be announcing a new tool that's entirely self-hosted, customizable, extendable and open source. so there will be another tool which you can host yourself then (which i personally would prefer to any 3rdparty hosted stuff)
  10. well guys... no infos - no help you write about 5.0 is it out of the box or do you have changed anything yet is it one of the cars which are already put in or did you add it yourself "what does the log say" 🎼 🎵 🎶 😄 etc blabla...
  11. i personally wouldnt use or trust a tool made from a hackerkid (douggems ebo encunter) and not having a bad feeling about it
  12. sorry mate... im not using this modification since back then when i did my last post so i dont have these files anymore
  13. tell me more about this issue my idea was to add a check for keypress while you hold the item in your hands and then increase/decrease the rotation parameter
  14. very nice option... can you tell me what needs to be changed to rotate the barriers on keypress like Q/E?
  15. oh my... and for a second i thought you really fixed the bug which only lets you place one spikestrip at all
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