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  1. Hi guys, Running Altislife 5.0. And when you start to go in the game a select cop,civ,medic, any of them, it takes like 1 minute for your selection to light up so you can start the missions. Don't have any mods or extra objects loading. Any ideas
  2. So I have setup a 5.0 server, and I noticed that when you load into the server, when you pick the side that you want when you click on it, it takes like 50 seconds for the icon to light up before you can enter the server. Did I forget anything? Both server and client logs have no errors.
  3. Hi Guys Just did a fresh install of 5.5, and have not changed or added anything yet, but the police and medic sirens are not working? Any ideas?
  4. Hi guys, I have been looking to use one of my old mission files from back in 2014, version 3.1.3 Altislife. If I take the mission.sqm as is and put it into the 5.0 version it works fine, other than a few npc's that the coding needs updated. But if I put it into the editor, of course it wants to updated it to the newer format. If I do that when I load the mission it comes up error loading mission. I checked the mission file for double entry's like someone posted but no luck. Anything else that I missed to look at?
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