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  1. Also in your base it says `STEP 4: Go to Config_RemoteExec.hpp and add - #include "XaFlaForo\Config_RemoteExec.hpp"` But no such file is in the folder And issue I'm having is that once you "Die" It puts you on spawn island.
  2. Your fn_onPlayerRespawn.sqf deleteMarker "Dead Player" Needs to be deleteMarker "Dead Player"; Also fn_handleMedicRequest.sqf _XaFlaForo_Marker_Bleedout = createMarker ["Dead Player", _unit] Needs to be _XaFlaForo_Marker_Bleedout = createMarker ["Dead Player", _unit]; Also you have a typo parms [_unit]; needs to be params [_unit]; Just missing closing ;
  3. GraveYard

    License Menu

    For those who can't get this to work don't forget to add inside Functions.hpp inside class Shops class licenses {}; class licshop_update {};
  4. @dexatrin82 IF you copy and paste the default script you will have errors. fn_robShops.sqf #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_Robshops.sqf Author: MrKraken Description: Modified by: Pril */ private ["_robber","_shop","_kassa","_ui","_pgText","_progress","_cP","_rip","_action"]; _shop = [_this,0,ObjNull,[ObjNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; _robber = [_this,1,ObjNull,[ObjNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; _action = [_this,2] call BIS_fnc_param; _cops = (west countSide playableUnits); if(side _robber !=civilian) exitWith {hint "You need to be a civilian to rob this shop.";}; if(_robber distance _shop > 3) exitWith {hint "You need to stay within 3m to rob this shop";}; if (vehicle player !=_robber) exitWith {hint "You need to be out of your vehicle first!";}; if(_cops < 1) exitWith {hint "There isnt enough Police to rob Gas Station!";}; if!(alive _robber) exitWith {}; if (currentWeapon _robber isEqualTo "") exitWith {hint "You need a weapons to rob this shop!";}; _rip = true; _kassa = 500 + round(random 2000); _shop removeAction _action; _chance = random(100); // change this to a lower number, if you want the chance of getting money from the Robbery less. if(_chance >=45) then { [1,format["000 ALERT:\n\n%1 is being robbed",_shop]] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",west] }; playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\alarm_independent.wss", _shop]; disableSerialization; 5 cutRsc ["life_progress", "PLAIN"]; _ui = uiNamespace getVariable "life_progress"; _progress = _ui displayCtrl 38201; _pgText = _ui displayCtrl 38202; _pgText ctrlSetText format["Robbing Shop, stay close (3m) (1%1)...","%"]; _progress progressSetPosition 0.01; _cP = 0.01; if(_rip) then { while{true} do { sleep 0.85; _cP = _cP + 0.01; _progress progressSetPosition _cP; _pgText ctrlSetText format ["Robbing Shop, stay close (3m) (%1%2)...",round(_cP * 100), "%"]; if (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"robberyMarkers") isEqualTo 1) then { _marker = createMarker ["Marker200", _shop]; "Marker200" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "Marker200" setMarkerText "ATTENTION: ROBBERY IN PROGRESS!!!"; "Marker200" setMarkerType "mil_warning"; }; if(_cP >=1) exitWith {}; if(_robber distance _shop > 3.5) exitWith{deleteMarker "Marker200";}; if!(alive _robber) exitWith {deleteMarker "Marker200";}; }; if(_robber getVariable "restrained") exitWith {deleteMarker "Marker200"; _rip = false; hint "You have been restrained!!";}; //Player got arrested, or restrained by another player! if(life_istazed) exitWith {_rip = false; hint "You were tazed!"; deleteMarker "Marker200";}; //Player was tazed if!(alive _robber) exitWith {_rip = false;}; if(_robber distance _shop > 3.5) exitWith { deleteMarker "Marker200"; hint "You need to stay within 3m to rob this shop! Cash register is now locked, and police have been notified!"; 5 cutText ["","PLAIN"]; [1,format["%1 attempted to rob %2!",_robber,name _robber, _shop]] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",west]; [getPlayerUID _robber, _robber getVariable ["realname",name _robber], "211"] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_wantedAdd", RSERV]; }; 5 cutText ["","PLAIN"]; titleText[format["You managed to steal %1, now get away before the cops arrive!",[_kassa] call life_fnc_numberText], "PLAIN"]; life_cash = life_cash + _kassa; deleteMarker "Marker200"; _rip = false; life_use_atm = false; sleep 10; [1, format["Altis News Corp: Gas Staion %1 was robbed for a total of $%2",_shop, [_kassa] call life_fnc_numberText]] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast", civilian]; sleep ((LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"noatm_timer")) * 60); life_use_atm = true; if!(alive _robber) exitWith {}; [getPlayerUID _robber, _robber getVariable ["realname",name _robber], "211"] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_wantedAdd", RSERV]; call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; }; sleep 300; //5 Minutes _action = _shop addAction["Rob Shop",life_fnc_robShops,civilian]; Then inside `Config_Master.hpp` add /* Robbery System Configuration */ robberyMarkers = true;
  5. @tifo007 Look at his fn_deathScreen.sqf /* File: fn_deathScreen.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Handles stuff being displayed on the death screen while it is currently active. */ private ["_medicsOnline","_medicsNear"]; disableSerialization; [] call life_fnc_requestMedic;// <<< He Added This <<<< _medicsOnline = ((findDisplay 7300) displayCtrl 7304); _medicsNear = ((findDisplay 7300) displayCtrl 7305); waitUntil { _nearby = if (([independent,getPosATL player,120] call life_fnc_nearUnits)) then {"Yes"} else {"No"}; _medicsOnline ctrlSetText format [localize "STR_Medic_Online",independent countSide playableUnits]; _medicsNear ctrlSetText format [localize "STR_Medic_Near",_nearby]; sleep 1; (isNull (findDisplay 7300)) };
  6. Here is mine updated for carry weight as well.
  7. For those who want to see health and skill level here is layout GUI work your self.
  8. GraveYard


    I'm sorry what? <<< Was something suppose to be here? Dang well guess that's happen... >>> RIP
  9. Na man he just got lost along the way of installing
  10. Okay so my issue is if I join the server fresh - Not in Db - Then I spawn in with clothing and everything is fine. But say I leave then rejoin I get an error and spawn in striped. Everything still works but I just don't have my clothing or items. I have clint and server errors also my mission is a little different because I followed this: https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/5165-tutorial-removing-mission-side-code/ But like I said everything works just fine but the clothing. inside the DB the civ_gear looks like this: "[``U_C_Commoner1_1``,````,````,````,````,[``ItemMap``,``ItemCompass``,``ItemWatch``],[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[````,````,````,````],[````,````,````,````],[]]" myrpt.rpt server.rpt Everything can be found here https://github.com/1GraveYard/AltisLife-v4.4r4-Modified
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