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  1. if (!([false,"keycard",1] call life_fnc_handleInv)) exitWith {}; _accessInterval = 15; // Minutes closeDialog 0; player setVariable ["copLevel",1,true]; ["You Have Access The Jail Doors For 15 Minutes",true,"fast"] call life_fnc_notificationSystem; sleep (_accessInterval * 60); player setVariable ["copLevel",0,true]; ["You No Longer Can access The Jail",true,"fast"] call life_fnc_notificationSystem;
  2. There are a few steps left out but if you look at the other files you will be able to see whats missing.
  3. For plants https://www.the-programmer.com/?product=growing-system For mining https://www.the-programmer.com/?product=farming-system
  4. GraveYard

    Wanted Menu

    Still working on it but will be sharing this soon. But feel free to use on your server. This uses the-programmer scripts Interpol , License Plates and my custom Warrant Script. But can easily be changed to work on your server.
  5. Ahh well hes under diff name now so no idea.
  6. GraveYard

    License Menu

    @God-father can you share the files please using https://pastebin.com/
  7. Thanks for sharing @Drunken Cheetah
  8. Works with 5.0 just have to tweak a little, post your logs if you need help.
  9. I filtered it anyways so admin can close the post.
  10. GraveYard

    Anti aimbot?

    Dose anyone know how to catch an aimbot? I have my BE filters on but someone can just join the server and use something like this to cheat. player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _nearPlayers = player nearEntities ["CAManBase", 1000]; _nearestPlayer=objNull; _nearestPlayerDist=1000; { _dist=vehicle _x distance player; if (_x != player and _dist<_nearestPlayerDist and alive _x) then { _nearestPlayer=_x; _nearestPlayerDist=_dist; }; } forEach _nearPlayers; _bullet = _this select 6; _head = eyePos _nearestPlayer; _bullet setPosASL _head; }];
  11. @AAPFire_alt Lets see your life_server\functions.sqf
  12. open @CBX\addons\CBX_PhoneMenu\functions\fn_openPhone.sqf and at the bottom add [] call life_fnc_cellphone;
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