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  1. A recent update to the server brought: ▷ Zip Ties ▷ Blindfolds ▷ Panic Buttons ▷ New revive system & Much more!
  2. Home to a growing network of Arma 3 servers. Connection Information Arma 3 Direct Connect IP: Teamspeak IP: Website Link: http://nbdcommunity.co.uk/ Forum Link: http://nbdcommunity.co.uk/forums/ Server Features ▷ Rubber Bullets ▷ Casino ▷ Realistic Money ▷ CPR Kits ▷ Moonshine (Sugar, Yeast, Corn) ▷ Active Staff ▷ Strict Police Policy ▷ Active Police Force Other Information Paycheques currently stand at £200 every 5 minutes for a civilian and £400 every 5 minutes for a police officer. Due to our roleplay server being relatively new in the world of Arma 3 we are currently looking to recruit Medic and Police members. Should this interest you hop over to our forums to find out some more information! Feel free to join us on Teamspeak and any questions we will do our best to answer.
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