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  1. Thanks for the clarification, although it's sort of a given on RP servers. Make sure to mention it on your website, forum and TS.
  2. I'll go one step further, I will apply for a patent on the whole process of taking people to court 😂
  3. What do you have copyrighted exactly? This 40 quid font or that years old screenshot of Kavala? (https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mawns/krinkes/regular-swash/). What you wanna sue people for? If you wanna try to do me for slander under Defamation Act 2013 feel free to contact my solicitor. xoxo Guy just chatting bollocks @Delexical
  4. Been on the server, looks good so far. Encountered some decent cops and roleplayers. +1
  5. Is that a good thing? 🤭
  6. If you don’t tell, no one will ever know 🤫🤫
  7. Server has been shut down due to a lack of players
  8. I like Malden but I’m not sure how suitable it is for Life servers with big population. There has been plenty of bigger servers who tried to do Malden and most of the failed. There is not much “new” stuff you can do that people haven’t tried before. I personally would stick with Altis.
  9. You could also make diffirent shops for each rank and then make visible only the one that matches a rank of the player on your sign
  10. I don't his the server, I just enjoy making shit in my free time tbh
  11. My advice would be that if you ever are not sure whether something is 100% good think twice about posting it.. this is the Internet.. people will call you out for stuff like that @SmokeyTheBear
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