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    Hey everyone, First off, here's the tool: http://arma.imthatguyhere.com/bom/ (Don't use Internet Explorer) As some may have noticed, copy and pasting code from some forums can result in errors that make no sense or don't seem to be valid based the file. This are caused by UTF-8 BOM characters (invisible characters) being in the middle of a file and ARMA 3 not handling it well. This Web-Tool allows you to paste in the script/text, see how many of these characters are in the script/text, clean those characters from the script, and copy it back to your clipboard so you can overwrite the old script and fix the problems. It's also a handy in-between when you are pasting from forums/websites to see if those characters are in what you copy before you paste that code into your script/project. This Tool will not change the formatting of your script or remove any spaces, comments, or code. It simply cleans the script/text of these characters that cause issues in ARMA 3. How to Use This Tool Go to: http://arma.imthatguyhere.com/bom/ Paste or type your script/text into the box (the blue one) and it will tell you how many characters are in the file: Then you can click the Run button and it will show you the cleaned output. There is then a Copy button to copy it back to your clipboard and paste it over your old script. If you have another file to do, press the Clear button and do it all again. Examples of the Errors this Resolves Here are some examples of the errors caused by this in RPTs:
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    I can't wait for the launch two years ago.
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