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Arma 3 Life Server


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@rizzlebibz Why would people join your server? What dose your server offer that no other server dose. What kind of things do you have on your server? You need to be way more detailed if you are really looking for more players. Consider this you are not wanting people to just join and leave you want them to join and go oh I will come back. You are selling the server to them and you need to draw them In.


Such as "We are a fun, great RP sever. We have allot to offer such as active events made by the users and Admins. We offer bounty hunting with the use if rubber bullets and hand cuffs. Many custom car skins. Many new kinds of drugs and other jobs."

You get the idea.

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On ‎11‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 8:06 PM, rizzlebibz said:



We have a Arma 3 life server up and running, we are currently looking for Medics and Cops and some Staff

If you are interested then please come on TeamSpeak and look for RabStar

TeamSpeak IP-



I see click bait.....

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Hello guyz i play on 3 server of altis this means GTA#1 GTA#2 AND GTA#3 I'm really impresive what a splendid comunity is on this servers and i want to join in police or nato if this is posible,to help peoples and stop the robs by rebels,i'm sick of robs to much rebels rob me ...

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