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[TUTORIAL] NLR Timer - Map Location & Hint Notification [4.x - 5.x]


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  • NewLifeRule Timer created by: @N/A
  • Edited by: Enrah

NLR Timer required for this extra bit of script to work, so please install NLR Timer script first found here:



1st Step: go to core/medical and find fn_onPlayerKilled.sqf

Underneath this code:

[] spawn life_fnc_newLifeRule;

Paste this code:

_position = getPos player;

_marker = createMarker ["newlife",_position];
_marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlack";
_marker setMarkerType "mil_warning";
_marker setMarkerText "!!! NLR - DO NOT ENTER !!!";
_marker setMarkerAlpha 0.95;
_markerZone = createMarker ["newliferule",_position];
_markerZone setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
_markerZone setMarkerType "Empty";
_markerZone setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
_markerZone setMarkerSize [350,350];

_trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos player];
_trg setTriggerArea [350, 350, 0, false];
_trg setTriggerActivation ["CIV", "PRESENT", true];
_trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "hint 'NLR ZONE!'", "hint 'you have left the NLR Zone!'"];
_interval = triggerInterval someTrigger;
_trigger setTriggerInterval 10;

2nd Step: go to core/medical and find fn_revived.sqf

Underneath this code:

life_is_alive = true;
life_nlrtimer_stop = true;

player setVariable ["Revive",nil,TRUE];
player setVariable ["name",nil,TRUE];
player setVariable ["Reviving",nil,TRUE];


if (life_nlrtimer_running) then {
life_nlrtimer_stop = false;
deleteMarkerLocal "newlife";
deleteMarkerLocal "newliferule";
7 cutText["","PLAIN"];

That's it complete, again this will not work unless you have already installed the NLR Timer script.

If you need any help please reply to this topic! with RPT logs and Pastebin of both your fn_onPlayerKilled.sqf script and fn_revived.sqf script.

This script has been edited by myself but the NLR script was not created by me, see top of page to see who created the NLR script!

Edited by Enrah
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