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I’ve been looking around for a decent host in the US and managed to stumble onto 2 which I really do like a lot. The first would be the classic OVH sister company SoYouStart where I could get a 6700k or a 4970k. Since the 6700k is always out of stock I’m kind of deterred since I don’t believe a 4970k would be able to run a Modded Arma 3 server smoothly with a large player count. I’ve also found a place called ReliableSite which i have heard a few decent things about. I can get a 7700k in LA for around $80 which is a decent price tag. Just it comes with a 100Gbps ddos prot which might be quite bad since most modded life servers are prone to getting DDOSed more.

I’m just wondering what people think. Would it be worth me trying to snag a 6700k from SYS so I can provide a better ping to countries like the UK (where I am from btw), Australia and other places. Or get a 7700k which is better to get while increasing the ping a bit. 

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