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Config Not Found?

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Hello, I have been working on a new shop but I keep on getting the "Config not found?" error. I have used Brickwall's tutorial on shops but with no effect.

removeallWeapons this; this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false; this addAction[localize"STR_MAR_ARebel",life_fnc_virt_menu,"advancedshop"]; this addAction[localize "STR_MAR_Rebel_Clothing_Shop",life_fnc_clothingMenu,"reb",0,false,false,"",' licence_civ_advanced && playerSide isEqualTo civilian',5]; this addAction[localize "STR_MAR_ARebel",life_fnc_weaponShopMenu,"advancedshop",0,false,false,"",' licence_civ_advanced && playerSide isEqualTo civilian']; this addAction[format ["%1 ($%2)",localize (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "advanced" >> "displayName")), [(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "advanced" >> "price"))] call life_fnc_numberText],life_fnc_buyLicense,"advanced",0,false,false,"",' !licence_civ_advanced && playerSide isEqualTo civilian ',5]; this addAction[localize"STR_NOTF_ATM",life_fnc_atmMenu,"",0,false,false,"",' isNull objectParent player && player distance _target < 4 ',5];

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