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[US/Uk/EU] [Modded] Urban Sky Gaming-Roleplay Community [Kelleys Island]


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Hello Altis Life Forums, 

My names Kermit the community manager for the new and updated Urban Sky gaming community. I want to extend a warm welcome on behalf of all of the staff and players at Urban Sky Gaming . We are a modded server with a custom Kelley's Island Map, custom scripts and a fully detailed and immersive experience. Made for players by players. While I can talk a big game, about how many custom scripts we have in our server including item crafting, custom business and phone systems We all here at USG have been playing Arma 3 for many years now and have over 5 years of RP experience each for our upper level management team. Our developers are also highly versed and great at what they do, most anything you could want in the server they can get it done. I wont bore you with too much talk as of now I would much rather you guys come and experience this server for yourselves and let us all know what you enjoy and how we can improve. 

Highlights of our server:

Realistic prices and economy.

$25,000 USD Starting Funds.

Custom Gang Bases and hideouts.

Customs Businesses. 

Active Staff. 


Custom Vehicle Skins Paired with a huge selection of modded vehicles 150 plus realistic cars. 

Custom tuning shop with underglow nitro and custom paint-jobs.

Vehicle Insurance.

Custom Housing Options.

Unique crafting system that includes cars, guns and many more items for an extended RP experience.

Custom building including some amazing Emergency Service Buildings and custom civilian assets to further enhance RP opportunities (Beware of the cartels and gangs, the government assets operating in the area)

Events and prizes for both civilians and emergency personnel.

Safe zones to allow new players to get established in the city and to work on RP without fear of being shot robbed or bullied while gaining a foothold a system that benefits both new players and veterans of the RP community.

There are so so many things to do on the Island and we cant wait to share and show them with you.

I wont bore you any longer with what we having going on rather I would just show you.

Come check us out with the links below and if you have any questions contact me here through email or discord.


Discord: discord.gg/KZXbVhP

Email: [email protected]

Server Info:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Hope to see everyone real soon.



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