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Adding a payout script to hideouts using the Alliance Apps gang capture/update functions

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I have ti where everything captures, it all saves to the database so hideouts save the gang that owns them, I am trying to pull the value of the hideout owner from the gang_info table and then edit the bank data of the gang matching the ID. I am wondering if this:

filename: fn_paygangs.sqf

_hideoutclassnames = getArray(missionConfigFile >> "gang_config" >> "hideouts" >> "possible_hideout_classes"); //you'd rather use terrainsort, but this function is not present in AL 4.0
_query = "SELECT value FROM gangs WHERE id in ('hideout1','hideout2','hideout3')";
_queryResult = [_query,2,true] call DB_fnc_asyncCall;
for '_i' from 1 to 3 do {
	_pos = getArray(missionConfigFile >> "gang_config" >> "hideouts" >> worldname >> format["gang_hideout%1_pos",_i]);
    _gh = (nearestObjects[_pos,_hideoutclassnames,5]) select 0;
    _val = (_queryResult select (_i - 1)) select 2;
	_owner = format["SELECT id FROM gangs WHERE id='%1' AND active='1'",_val];
	_gFund = _owner getVariable ["gang_bank",0];
	_owner setVariable ["gang_bank",round(_gFund+((count playableUnits)*2000)),true];
	[3,_owner] remoteExecCall ["TON_fnc_gang_update",2];
sleep 600;
[] spawn TON_fnc_paygangs;

is a way to pay out the gangs that own the hideouts based on the playercount on the server. I am just trying to see what options I have.

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