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[RELEASE] Unique Script Pack

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Hello / Good evening

Following some changes on Altis Life in general, I no longer wish to play or code on this game mode. I have skills in scripting and I have been able to create several scripts over the years (Some finished, some almost finished, some just starting). I wanted to know if the community of Altis Life and Arma in general could have the use of its scripts.

I provided a playlist with some scripts. However, as I said, some of them are not finished, and have never been tested in multiplayer. So some of them will need to be finished or modified and if you wish to share them with the community.

Here is the link to the playlist of some scripts of this pack (See on Youtube to see the other 11 videos) :


In this pack you will receive (29 Scripts) :

  • A Computer [ATLAS]
  • A Random Marker Spawner. [CHAOS]
  • A Random Trawler Spawner [CHAOS]
  • A System of Rewards and Statistics [CHAOS]
  • A Personalized Lobby [CHAOS]
  • Ambient Sound System [DEIMOS]
  • A System of Airplanes flying over the island [DEIMOS]
  • An Introductory Menu (With Customizable Load) [DEIMOS]
  • A Mapping System with any 3D model (Trees, Vegetation, Roads, etc...) [DEIMOS]
  • A Marker Filter on the Map (Slightly Advanced) [ELYSIUM]
  • Understanding How Advanced Add Action Works [EOS]
  • Understanding how to operate a Sales and Mining system and a Timer [EXYSTIA].
  • An On-Card Marker Filter (Advanced) [HECATE]
  • A Mini-Game for the treatment or for a combo system [HELIOS]
  • A Trawler System that can move and be destroyed [HYPERION]
  • Understanding HUD and WaterMark [IRIS]
  • A Fully Configurable Introductory Menu [KERES]
  • A car radio. [KERES]
  • An Advanced Horn System [KERES]
  • A Main Menu [KRONOS]
  • An Introductory Menu [KRONOS].
  • A Main Menu [METIS]
  • A Main Menu [MOROS]
  • A Moving Target Training System [NYX]
  • A Double Or Nothing Casino Machine System [ONYX]
  • Basic Understanding of Managing a Menu [OXYLUM].
  • A Preview Tool for Positioning 3D Models (Can be used for DEIMOS) [PROMETHEUS].
  • A Piano [RHEA]
  • An Introductory Menu [ZEUS]


  • In the following Scripts, you will have access to mapping that you can use as you wish [DEIMOS / HECATE / KERES].



Some Scripts in this pack are not yet finished or functional.



I set up a small form before downloading the scripts pack. It's up to you to fill it or not, but it will help a lot if you fill it. You can find at the top of the form the why and the how.

English Version : https://forms.clickup.com/f/2ajvg-232/KN4JLMP2FJWH0UPUOH
French Version : https://forms.clickup.com/f/2ajvg-225/DLK38FXSOS4QYF5KT2
German Version : https://forms.clickup.com/f/2ajvg-239/NQCS71PQLQK4V8O31E

Have a nice day / evening!

PS: Those who manage to make some scripts fully functional, etc... I count on you to share them to the community! :slight_smile:

PS 2: I quickly explained some things about the scripts in the files, but I confess that I would have messed up if I had to write all the explanation of each line, so if you have questions about the scripts of how they work, etc... You can send a message through my discord : Liliannismo33 | << ELYVION >>#9421 // Or here :)

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Here's the zip file from the form. Remember to credit the author if you use any of his work.
-link removed-
If the author would like this link removed please PM me and I will do so.

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