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doMove with AI in Life not working

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i am working on a tutorial script for my life server. A bot should move from Point A to B. It works really nice in Singleplayer, but not in Multiplayer (on the life server).

I tried to call, spawn and execVM the script. All with the same result. The bot just stands there.

player setPos (getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_player_1");
_meters = player distance getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_NPC_1";
_group = group master_group;
_smuggler = _group createUnit ["C_man_hunter_1_F", (getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_NPC_1"), [], 0, "FORM"];
_group allowFleeing 0;
_smuggler disableAI "move";
_smuggler disableAI "path";
_smuggler allowDamage false;
_smuggler disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT";
_smuggler disableAI "AUTOTARGET";
_smuggler disableAI "TARGET";
_smuggler disableAI "COVER";
_smuggler disableAI "FSM";
_smuggler disableAI "TARGET";
_smuggler allowFleeing 0;
Civilian setFriend [west, 1];
Civilian setFriend [east, 1];
_smuggler setBehaviour "CARELESS";
_check1 = true;
 while {_meters > 4 && _check1} do {
 _meters = player distance getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_NPC_1";
 _check1 = false;
playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\alarm_independent.wss", _smuggler]; 
sleep 5;
 _smuggler enableAI "move";
 _smuggler enableAI "path"; 
_smuggler doMove (getMarkerPos "spawnpoint_tutorial_waypoint_3_1");

I hope you can help me




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