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[Release] Realistic ATM System


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Interactive ATM System atm_system.zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mlgmfgy3gl7rtp/atm_system.zip?dl=0 (The attachment system seems to have failed)
Author: 3LGStevo
Function: Provides a visual overlay and the funcitonality of a standard ATM, in place of the traditional ATM system in Altis Life.
Presumption: This release operates on the basis that you understand how to create custom dialogs and know how to assign addActions to objects in the mission.sqm file.







My server uses a uniquely coded notification system. If you see a section that includes "life_HUD_notifs pushback [_string,time,type];" this can simply be replaced by "hint format ["%1",_string];" Equally there are a lot of references to scripts that you will not have in this version. Anything that your server doesn't recognise can be commented out or updated to match your server system (I.e. life_fnc_broadcastHUD can be replaced by life_fnc_broadcast with hint parameters).
My server also allows users the ability to steal other players' bank accounts, and that is what the insurance is for. This feature is not included in this release so if you want that functionality, you will need to code your own methods of obtaining other players' account information... however, the ATM functionality for this is already present in the files.

File Inventory
> dialog\functions

  • fn_atmAccountRequest.sqf
  • fn_atmAccountReturn.sqf
  • fn_atmDeposit.sqf
  • fn_atmDonate.sqf
  • fn_atmNavigate.sqf
  • fn_atmOpen.sqf
  • fn_atmSteal.sqf
  • fn_atmStolen.sqf
  • fn_atmTransfer.sqf
  • fn_atmTransferMoney.sqf
  • fn_atmWithdraw.sqf

> dialog\subMenu

  • atm.hpp

> other

  • configuration.sqf

Configuration.sqf - .\Core

_ID = getPlayerUID player;
_splitUID = _ID splitString "";
_PIN = format["%1%2%3%4",_splitUID select 13,_splitUID select 14, _splitUID select 15, _splitUID select 16];
life_bank_PIN = _PIN;
life_bank_accounts = [];
life_atm_unit = player;
life_atm_amt1 = 50;
life_atm_amt2 = 100;
life_atm_amt3 = 200;
life_atm_amt4 = 500;
life_atm_amt5 = 1000;
life_atm_amt6 = 2000;
life_atm_locked = false;

player setVariable["insured",false,true];





Edited by 3LGStevo
Zipped file hasn't uploaded.
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On 9/1/2019 at 6:21 PM, BoGuu said:

Might be a good idea to update this to something that works in current releases, there is more changes that just broadcast needed. Also, did you leave in references to some exp system?

I made my server on 4.0 had only just come out, and it was extremely buggy... so much so that you couldn't store vehicles, shops wouldn't load content etc... and it was all a very vanilla 4.0 too, so I just used the that was stable enough to start working with it.

Yes, there's probably some other code in there that could be pulled out. For the most part, it provides the resources, dialog menus, and operational code that will work anywhere with some minor adjustments.

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