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Pick up items via scroll menu

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So i am trying to make it so that players are able to pick up items via the scroll menu instead of the windows key. I'm struggling to get the add action string to display what the item is and how many of the item there is. Here is what I have so far.

		life_actions pushBack (player addAction[format ["Pickup %1 (%2)", cursorobject getVariable "item" select 0, cursorobject getVariable "item" select 1], "hint ""Test""", cursorobject,0,false,false,"", 'player distance cursorObject <= 5 && cursorObject isKindOf "Land_Suitcase_F"']);

Result is just Pickup


Any help is much appreciated. Cheers 

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Just diag_log what the output of your getVariables are and see what is actually being returned. Basic debugging should help you figure out what went wrong.

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