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【Course】Manufacturing goods, guns, etc..

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1 hour ago, dont cry:) said:

not working for me on 5.0 plz help. whenever I press craft nothing happens. I can speak french too. I'm trying to understand the script and fix it by myself to learn but I'm just not good enough for it...


send the error log?

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Is there a way to add the menu to the house menu instead of the y menu?

Edit: Nvm did it by adding:

        _Btn4 ctrlSetText localize "STR_CRAFT_Title";
        _Btn4 buttonSetAction "closeDialog 0; createDialog ""Life_craft"";";
        _Btn4 ctrlShow true;

to fn_houseMenu.sqf below:

        _Btn3 buttonSetAction "[life_pInact_curTarget] call life_fnc_lightHouseAction; closeDialog 0;";
        _Btn3 ctrlShow true;

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So my issiue is i cant add NEW items to the CRAFTING list. Whatever i ADD the whole crafting system stops to work and when im on the beachn, it shows me a empy list of no items.

Some solutions?

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