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Thomas Johnson

Modular Talent Tree - Config

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22 hours ago, Thomas Johnson said:

Hello, i was wondering if somone got the configuration for the Modular Talent Tree that were used on @Repentz orion mission were tha map was Malden,

I got the license for the addon at Maverick Application but i miss the configuration for the addon to be fully working.

You want a leaked copy of someone else's talent tree talents? You realize that you actually have to edit all the script involved with those talents too right? And that unless it was shared by the owners, that's a scummy thing to do?

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On 6/27/2019 at 8:18 AM, Thomas Johnson said:

I do not have to edit anything if i got it @imthatguyhere lol.

The talent tree system doesn't magically work when you only have a config. For the perks to have any use, you need to edit the files they change (like the functions for repairing if you had a perk that made repairing faster). You also need to add the calls to give XP in all the functions for all the new XP types.

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