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Spawning Custom models from mission file

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Hi guys I'm wondering if you can give me some advice.

I'm trying to spawn a custom model I've found online for experimental sake. 

I Unpack the pbo into the mission file and use this to spawn.

_pos = player getRelPos [10, 0]; 
_tank = createSimpleObject [MISSION_ROOT + "Barriere\Barriere.p3d", AGLtoASL _pos]; 


This spawns the object however with an error message saying it cannot find it .paa.

I've tried setting it with:

_tank setObjectTextureGlobal  [0, "Barriere\Metal.paa"]; 

However no luck. The .paa file is where it is saying it cannot find it. any Idea's


p.s I've tried leaving it as a pbo. same result

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First off, simple objects aren't PAAs, they are P3D shapes. Secondly, you can't load files relative that like for simple objects iirc. You need to use a full path, which KK had a tutorial on doing:

private _p3dPath = (str missionConfigFile select [0, count str missionConfigFile - 15]) + "yourModelFileName.p3d"

Also, if you load a simple object from a file directly and not a class, it cannot be textured.

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3 minutes ago, john123 said:

Can u explain what u mean by a class? and as for the path i'm using KKs method of defining MISSION_ROOT in the init which works

Class as in a class name (vehicles/objects being spawned as a simple object). You'd need a mod to do that on the client afaik.

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