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Seal Team Sloth Network

We are a Altis Life Community, which is always changing to make the role-play experience more immersive.

Website: (In Development)

TeamSpeak: ts.sealteamsloth.network

Game Server: s1.sealteamsloth.network:2302

Custom scripts in the server:

Gang Control Area(s)

Custom Y Menu

Food, Water, Health (status Icons)

Furniture Shop (Make your house a home)

Talent Tree (Maverick)

Custom Drug and legal Runs added soon (Uranium, MDMA and LSD)

We have more scripts but I will leave that part for you to find out!;) 

Just to explain I am not the owner of this server "Ra`s Al Ghul" is.

  1. C4Z4Ojp.thumb.jpg.18d8976dfba5bfa1c9d39213f18eda80.jpgcGIrppA.thumb.jpg.842d6ca29cac8a2ca93ef7232f6e6a32.jpgcloNR7c.thumb.jpg.a777840d8bfe8eab6a12c9f271174025.jpgKOLN8rv.thumb.jpg.8151a7f248dd62c5a0da0b823a2c4268.jpgnD6396E.thumb.jpg.7c92ea3463286803c7ce9eb97e053444.jpgNNPHGtK.thumb.jpg.5f99a1c6f4227fc956b21636ad3ccba8.jpgoOspZOw.thumb.jpg.711f011c99e32b3e7be7d9f90ac2fe63.jpgsxKs8KF.thumb.jpg.86b7a1d4f226eeb961ed208c7319f390.jpgxOooW4N.thumb.jpg.06df54540761fb868ea12ccfebb10d7a.jpg
Edited by Josh
Have now changed map to Altis
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