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[XaFlaForo Studios] Vanilla Number Plate System [Script] - ArmaServices Remake

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Who we are:
Here at XaFlaForo Studios, we strive for perfection in our work. We work day in, day out, weekdays, weekends, to ensure quality in our products. Over the coming weeks we will be dropping a lot of products in to this forum that are remakes of popular scripts but they will be for free.

Why do we release this stuff for free:
Here at XaFlaForo Studios, our ethos is that Arma scripts should be readily available for the whole community to enjoy, instead of being cast away behind the ever-growing pay wall that we all love to hate. We are proud that we strive to give the community scripts without hiding them behind a paywall for only the most premium, as it bring the community closer together making Arma all that more enjoyable and you can learn from our scripts as they are not obfuscated.

Want free custom work?

How to support us?
Follow me on github - https://github.com/XaFlaForo
Add me on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/XaFlaForo

Post Details:
Script Name: Vanilla Number Plate System
Framework: 5.0.0
Inspired/Wanted From: https://armaservices.net/product/vanilla-number-plate-system/

How to download:
        - Base https://github.com/XaFlaForo/AltisLifeScripts/tree/Base-Installation-Pack
        - Files https://github.com/XaFlaForo/Altis-Life-Vanilla-Number-Plate-System

How to install:

Make sure to copy the NumberPlate folder to XaFlaForo FOlder

STEP 1: Go to fn_vehicleShopBuy and go to the bottom

and replace with 

closeDialog 0; //Exit the menu.
closeDialog 0; //Exit the menu.
player moveInDriver _vehicle;
[] call XaFlaForo_fnc_numberplate;

There you go guys I just saved you what is basically that script and the GUI is nicer.


Looks like you guys dont have to pay that price above. I will be remaking a lot of the scripts and posting them here.

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If you are accepting them, I'd like to make a recommendation; make this update the vehicle's plate in the database as well. Although it's a small feature there are a lot of players and owners who have requested this be added.

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also only works with arma3 standard vehicles

or modded vehicles if they have implemented the numberplate system correctly... but there are many out there which had NOT done it right

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