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[XaFlaForo Studios] Advanced Bleeding Out System [Script]

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Who we are:
Here at XaFlaForo Studios, we strive for perfection in our work. We work day in, day out, weekdays, weekends, to ensure quality in our products. Over the coming weeks we will be dropping a lot of products in to this forum that are remakes of popular scripts but they will be for free.

Why do we release this stuff for free:
Here at XaFlaForo Studios, our ethos is that Arma scripts should be readily available for the whole community to enjoy, instead of being cast away behind the ever-growing pay wall that we all love to hate. We are proud that we strive to give the community scripts without hiding them behind a paywall for only the most premium, as it bring the community closer together making Arma all that more enjoyable and you can learn from our scripts as they are not obfuscated.

Want free custom work?

How to support us?
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Post Details:
Script Name: Bleeding Out System 
Framework: All
Inspired/Wanted From: GTA - A lot of people

How to download:
        - Base https://github.com/XaFlaForo/AltisLifeScripts/tree/Base-Installation-Pack
        - Files https://github.com/XaFlaForo/Altis-Life-Bleeding-Out-System

How to install:

STEP 1: Move the bleedout folder to XaFlaForo FolderSTEP 2: Add the following code to Config_Functions.hpp Under tag = "XaFlaForo";

#include "Bleedout\functions.hpp"

STEP 4: Add the following code to description.ext under RscTitles 

#include "XaFlaForo\Bleedout\Dialogs\RscDisplayBleedingOut.hpp"

STEP 5: Add the following code to initPlayerLocal.sqf

//--- XaFlaForo Bleeding Out Init
XaFlaForo_Revive = 0;
XaFlaForo_in_revive_state = false;
XaFlaForo_Blood = 0.00;
XaFlaForo_Can_Suicide = true;
XaFlaForo_in_down_state = false;
while {true} do 

  uiSleep 2;

  //--- Apply Damage To Player
  XaFlaForo_Blood = XaFlaForo_Blood + 0.01;

STEP 6: Add the following code to handleDamage.sqf at the top 

XaFlaForo_Blood = XaFlaForo_Blood + 0.02;

if (XaFlaForo_in_revive_state ) then 
    XaFlaForo_in_revive_state = false;
    XaFlaForo_Blood = 0;

STEP 7: Add the following code to handleDamage.sqf at the top

if ( !XaFlaForo_Can_Suicide ) exitWith{};

STEP 8: Add the following code to handleDamage.sqf under case 57

case 11: {
    if (XaFlaForo_Can_Suicide) then {
          XaFlaForo_forceBleedOut = true;

STEP 9: Remove the following code to fn_setupEVH.sqf

player addEventHandler ["Killed", {_this call life_fnc_onPlayerKilled}];
player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_this call life_fnc_onPlayerRespawn}];

STEP 10: Add the following code to fn_setupEVH.sqf

player addEventHandler ["Killed", {_this call XaFlaForo_fnc_onPlayerKilled}];
player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_this call XaFlaForo_fnc_onPlayerRespawn}];
player addEventHandler ["HandleHeal", {_this call XaFlaForo_fnc_onRevive}];

STEP 11: Remove deathscreen.hpp from masterhandler.hpp

Edited by XaFlaForo
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Great! Just tested this (AL 5.0), and it works! 


I believe some things needs to be cleared up though.

In step 8, I believe you mean in the fn_keyHandler.sqf, and NOT the handeDamage? (i put it there, and it works).

While downed, you are still able to interact with stuff (player menu, etc). Maybe a life_interrupted = true; needs to be put in place?

Medic distance doesn't work yet, still says "Script".

After forcing a respawn, you are still in the "Killed" animation (I've checked my rpt's, and followed the tutorial to the letter, nothing wrong here). However, if you wait for to bleed out, it doesn't happen 😀

Also, the dialog are not in the correct order. It looks like the progress bar is behind the background. See picture for reference: https://imgur.com/a/DRe0waf




Edited by AngryHerring ッ ®™
All in all, a great script. Been longing for this. THANKS!

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Warning Message: Script functions\Life_Death_Screen\fn_controlsBackground.sqf not found
Warning Message: Script functions\Life_Death_Screen\fn_Controls.sqf not found

Probably something wrong in the RscDisplayBleedingOut.hpp but can't find what


Edited by Nirawiin

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2 hours ago, XaFlaForo said:

Will be updated to iron out tiny bugs.

There are some rather major bugs with it.

Tested it earlier and it seems like whenever you force respawn it kills you again.

Also, you should probably block keys. Other than that, seems like it works pretty well.

I was wondering about modifying the bleed out timer.

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18 minutes ago, XaFlaForo said:

in key handler try change it to XaFlaForo_Blood = XaFlaForo_Blood + 99; From what is there

Instead of using XaFlaForo_forceBleedOut?

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