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extDB2 TO extDB3


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11 minutes ago, Raul125 said:

But setting up client please wait.

I hope there is another solution to having to create another mission from scratch.

It's a poor idea to stick with out of date and unsupported stuff, just redo it. As for this not working for you, you told us absolutely nothing as to what you change and shared no logs. Nobody will be able to help without information. What changes did you make? Pastebin your Client and Server RPT from when you got the error.

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14 minutes ago, Raul125 said:

extdb3.log here is the rpt and extdb3 config https://gyazo.com/978d2b872afd9641160cf32c11806d13   if you need anything else let me know :D I think that is extdb3: error with database, but config is fine i think

arma3server_2019-03-14_15-35-53.rpt 501.43 kB · 1 download

Client RPT please.

Edit: but the node it's trying to pull isn't correct, so you may have some other errors stopping you. Also end the life_server init.sqf

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