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this would be pretty nice but...



You're chucking a very large amount of data across the network and into the JIP queue. It's not a small amount if one plans to move all code server side, there is a lot. It'll certainly be less noticeable for the lower player count servers though, which is probably the majority who'll give this a pop. 

However, with the absolutely monumental spamming across the network, it's becoming harder to distinguish amongst all this stuff, as people enjoy chucking everything unoptimized in without thought (there is a huge room for improvement on this from a vanilla standpoint as well), and it runs worse from day one.

I'd never seek to improve protection and what not on the repository regardless, it's not the purpose, that's for the end user to figure out. It's not closed source :)


2page : 4th from the bottom of the page is the comment that BoGuu made

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On 2/2/2019 at 4:09 PM, GraveYard said:

Well I have yet to run into any issues. And that’s why I have it posted so if anyone wants to throw in there ideas to improve it.

There's not really any improvements here, it's just not a practical way to protect data in Arma. The information is still being sent to the client, so you are only stopping mission copying kids, something breaking the headers on a PBO so that PBO Manager can't open it would probably do as well, or any of the other obfuscation options. The difference here is that this effects performance far more than the other methods do, so that's a good reason for not doing it, or just keeping it as limited as you need to (if you really want to protect something like this, just protect that thing, not every client sided script in your mission).

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