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Crimson Network A3L (MODDED) | SERIOUS RP

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Crimson Network Arma 3 Life

Website: Crimsonetwork.com

Teamspeak: crimson.ts.nfoservers.com

Planned Server Release Date: 11/11/2018 - 11/14/2018

Game Server is not up yet. Thread will be updated. Download the Mods to get a jump-start when the server goes up!




At Crimson Network, we want to give users a serious, fun, in-depth, and realistic approach at roleplay. We believe in more than just the PVP, but also in human interactions, and at a civil life-style.

On the civilian side of things, there are multiple ways of approaching how you live your life-style. You can either be a:

Law Abiding Citizen, where you focus on player interaction, diverse role-play, and exploring everything the server has to offer, or you can become a:

Rebel, where all of your interactions are highly intense, very unpredictable, and gives you a big rush of adrenaline. Taking this path is the best way to have great amounts of fun, however, going this route requires a significant amount more of grinding, farming, etc.

Our Server Values:

Honesty: At Crimson, we believe in honest members, cops, medics, and staff alike. To ensure this, any Staff that is reported, in the support area, will be dragged in, and treated as a standard member. Staff will not handle cases that they are apart of as that would cause serious amount of bias.

Fairness: To ensure fairness in the community, abusing exploits are not tolerated (knowingly using a feature in a way it's not meant to be used). Staff Members will not have access to any infistar commands that can be abused for an in-game advantage. Any staff that has elevated infistar powers activated will have "[ADMIN]" by their name, and they will not engage in any rp scenarios.

Loyalty: Player loyalty on a lot of other communities often goes unnoticed, but at Crimson, we reward dedicated players with various perks. Not so fast.. nothing pay to win will be given out.

Server Features

  • Dynamic Markets
  • Diverse Vehicle Shops
  • Police Radar
  • Zipties
  • Blindfolds
  • Seatbelts
  • Pat-Down Script for Cops
  • Panic Button for Cops
  • Custom HUD's
  • Gambling
  • Store Robbery
  • Physical Cell Phone
  • Hardcore Economy


Planned Server Features

  • ACE Intergration
  • Tow Truck Script
  • Premium Gangs (non-PTW)
  • Physical Farming
  • Automated Government.

Any More Ideas? Feel free to post them on the forums!


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