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★CT Da Mirage | RoberioJR

[Release] Timed Bomb

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Author: RobérioJR

You Need To Install My Mission BaseRJFRAMEWORK.rar

Step 1:
Download Functions: Bomba.rar

Download Bomb Icon: bomb.paa
And Put The Folder: "Bomba" In Folder: "RJ\Scripts"

Step 2: Archive: Config_Items.hpp
Add This Bellow 'class VirtualItems {':

class timedbomb {
    variable = "timedbomb";
    displayName = "STR_Item_timedbomb";
    weight = 12;
    buyPrice = 15000;
    sellPrice = -1;
    illegal = true;
    edible = -1;
    icon = "RJ\Tex\bomb.paa";

Add Bomb To Rebel Market:
Find The Class rebel, Add "timedbomb" To 'Items[] = {...}'

Add bomb.paa Icon To: 'RJ\Tex'

Step 3: Archive: fn_UseItem.sqf
Bellow 'switch (true) do {' Add:

case (_item == "timedbomb"): {
    [] Spawn RJ_fnc_ConfigurarBomba;

Step 4: Archive: RJ\RJ_Functions.hpp
Add To Class RJ_Scripts:

class Bomba {
    file = "RJ\Scripts\Bomba";
    class Bomba {};
    class SliderBomba {};
    class ConfigurarBomba {};

Step 5: Archive: RJ\RJ_Master.hpp

#include "Scripts\Bomba\RJ_Bomba.hpp"

Step 6: Archive: RJ_Config.hpp
Add To Class RJ_Config:

   /* Timed Bomb */
  RJ_BombMinTime = 20;  //Min Of Bomb Blast Time In Settings (In Seconds)
  RJ_BombMaxTime = 240; //Max Of Bomb Blast Time In Settings (In Seconds)

Step 7: Archive: stringtable.xml

<Key ID="STR_Item_timedbomb">
    <Original>Timed Bomb</Original>
    <Portuguese>Bomba Temporizada</Portuguese>


Finished !



Edited by ★CT Da Mirage | RoberioJR

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