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Gopro on every cop and addcam where u want ( only for cop side)


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ok humm first its my first tutorial and seconde i shared it because it shared on other forum and i not see it here for u English people :)  yes im french and if anybody can corect my english on the tutorial its fine


Lets Start 

original post or where i found the post : https://wiki.altisdev.com/books/tutoriels-universels-/chapter/gopro-et-caméra-de-sécurité

Author: not define and ( its not me )

Diffulcty : i guest easy but take 30 min over (mapping in eden editor)


1. Open your missionroot Ini.sqf

add: [] execVM "Init\Init_Gopro.sqf";

Look like:  

StartProgress = false;

[] execVM "briefing.sqf"; //Load Briefing
[] execVM "KRON_Strings.sqf";

[] execVM "Init\Init_Gopro.sqf";

StartProgress = true;

2.Create a folder in your mission root called Init and add

Init_Gopro.sqf  inside


3.Create a folder called Scripts

In Folder called Scripts add another folder called Gopro and in Gopro folder add 







Now we done with script and copy paste shit 


for next step be sure your Cop are called cop_1, cop_2. cop_3 ....... without interruption like cop_1, cop_2, cop_4....

4. Go in arma 3 editor and open your mission

5. You will add screen or what ever can get textures add call it monitor_1, monitor_2, monitor_3, monitor_4,...... without interruption (after u create one and name it monitor_1 u can copy paste it and this will auto name it _2,_3,_4,... and dont forget to put this allowDamage false; this enableSimulation false; in init object because they can fall if they not stand on ground)

6. You CAN add camera if u want in the map (this take a lot of time). If u do it USE Land_HandyCam_F and call them camera_1,camera_2,camera_3,camera_4,...  MAXIMUM 40 if u want more add at Line 105 in the Direct_gopro.sqf (personnaly i put 23 cam in map only for the Station shop with Station robbery script, the fed dont need it u suppose already have cam on) and the scroll list become long if u put 40 cam your dispatch will make mistake :P 

7. IMPORTANT if u not create this or name it wrong ALL THIS WILL NOT WORK 

you need tu create an heli pad invisible and name it server and put this somewhere in the map


Done repack and test it im not sure i can help i u encounter problem but one think im sure this work  on 4.4r4







 this is what look like on my server for the Dispatch cop office and all screen in this and board can show cam view

the cam on bipod is satelite view

right have fun now


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