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[TUT] Disable KNOCK OUT in SafeZones

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I thought people could use this on their server against people trolling the function KNOCK-OUT.
Pleas if you re-share this don't forget to write the credits.

Tested on: 4.4r4 but should work for everyone.

Me (LeventHAN) (and KLM for his corrections via Discord)

# DIFFICULTY : Easy Peasy Lemons Squeezy #



1) Open: core\civilian\fn_knockoutAction.sqf 

2) Find: 

#include "..\..\script_macros.hpp"

   2.1) Add under that code snippet this: (Change the markers names for your favor.)

#define SAFETY_ZONES_knockout    [["Safe_Kavala", 425], ["Safe_Athira", 300], ["Safe_Pyrgos", 425], ["Safe_Sofia", 250], ["Safe_Zaros", 250], ["Safe_Vip", 190], ["Safe_Rebel_1", 140], ["Safe_Rebel_2", 140], ["Safe_Rebel_3", 140], ["marker_241", 30], ["Safe_sakir", 450], ["spawnsafe", 425]]


3) Now find this code: 

life_knockout = true;


   3.1) And now add UPSIDe that code snipped this:

if ({((position player) distance (getMarkerPos (_x select 0))) < (_x select 1)} count SAFETY_ZONES_knockout > 0) exitWith {};


Done! Now civilians can't use KNOCK-OUT action when they are on a safezone.
PS: Sorry for bad england :D 

Edited by LeventHAN

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