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Get Free Custom Work/Scripts/GUIS For You

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So you came on this post looking for something for free well guess what you can if you do my tutorial

How this works is if you complete my steps I will make your script or whatever you want in reason on the scripts page

If this against this communities rules i will close this thread 

Step 1: Go To This Link


Like, Subscribe and write a cringy comment with your forum name in

Step 2: Go To This lInk


Join in and start a discussion

After you have done this post in a comment what you want making with your youtube name. This can be done up to 3 times if you like and comment on multiple videos.

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5 hours ago, Maihym said:

This sounds like one of those fake ads where someone tells you to buy their book and you'll become a millionaire.

You telling me they don't work ?! I have like 10 books of them.

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