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Atlanta Takistan Life RP

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Atlanta Network

A Different Kind of Roleplay

Takistan IP:

Steam Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1099482918

Teamspeak IP:

Website: https://www.atlanta-network.co.uk

Atlanta Network was founded in June 2018 with experienced Arma 3 players. We were brought together out of the dying ashes of Arma 2 Takistan Life community with one goal… To succeed where other life communities have failed to provide serious roleplay for their members. To provide a new style of Life. How will our server become successful? What makes Atlanta Network so great? That answer is simple. You, the one currently reading this. Its people like you who makes us want to become the best Takistan Community around the globe.

I remember back in the days of arma 2 the enjoyment that I had playing playing takistan life, I would come home connect to my favourite server and play all night long, becoming the President of the north, and gaining loyal supporters to my cause, whilst increasing taxes dramatically and becoming very rich in the process and in doing this the south government forming and declaring war on our state, causing major tensions between the states. This is just just one of many great moments I had personally playing arma 2 takistan life and i'm sure others will have many other great memories.

Takistan | Rise Of The South is a community and a server created to bring back that classic Takistan feel straight back into arma 3, revitalising the Arma 3 roleplay community and providing nostalgia feel back to Takistan life Arma 2 players. As well as being a community Takistan | Rise Of The South is a project, its aim is to provide a real Takistan experience to Arma 3, one that doesn't involve a lot of mods and is simple but enjoyable. We’d like to give a personal thanks to our friends we have made over the years who have helped us make this new Takistan Roleplay server possible with their experience and couldn’t make this possible without our members and developers. Alex Director of Development has spent hours upon hours over code bring our server to what ultimately will be the best Takistan server since Arma 2.

Below are some of the in-game features:
- Experience system
- Government (Weekly elections, change laws, taxes etc)
- Casino (Blackjack and slots)
- Balanced Economy 
- Lottery Tickets
- Drug Cartel 
- Bounty Hunters
- Taxi and Bus system
- Threat level system
- Custom Police & Medic Textures (Uniforms and Vehicles)
- Side missions for police and civilians

Once you join and become a member, you can join the ranks of the police where you can fight crime as a normal officer or go up the ranks and become a firearms officer, if you dont like police we also have a NHS system where you can join the ranks of the medics and go from a first aider earning normal salary on the server to the chief medical officer giving you more money and being in charge of the health service

Atlanta Life offers civilians a variety of activities to take their roleplay experience to the next level. There are many ways of making your fortune, either legally or illegally. As a citizen of Takistan you can be voted in to become the next Prime Minister of Takistan. Become a vigilante by becoming a bounty hunter to catch harden criminals by clearing up the streets to make them a safer place to live. What path will you take? Your actions will determinate your own fate..... 




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