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problem with base mysql


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5 minutes ago, imthatguyhere said:

If you want to use DB: db_34990 just remove that line and execute the sql file while inside of that database. You'll also need the change the user to a user that can access the database in the sql file (it's arma3 by default, but you need a working user for it).



which line exactly

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10 minutes ago, imthatguyhere said:

The one quoted in the error that checks if the DB exists and creates it. You have a DB, you don't need that and can't use it if this is shared hosting.

i delete this line and arma 3 swap to my database name but what i doin with "localhost" 

this color i think this is password

-- Creates default user `arma3` with password `changeme` unless it already exists
-- Granting permissions to user `arma3`, created below
-- Reloads the privileges from the grant tables in the MySQL system database.



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