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Virtual + Physical Inventory - Tutorial 5.0


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@waren pumba you'd add a RscPicture in the background class for instance I have this set up for my player_inv.hpp



class controlsBackground {
class Life_RscTitleBackground: Life_RscPicture {
            idc = -1;
            text = "textures\menu.paa";
            x = 0;
            y = -0.12;
            w = 1;
            h = 1.28;


You'd have to find the positioning yourself or use the GUI editor.

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Hey, I just followed this tutorial on a clean 5.0 build but I got an issue I'm not sure how to tacle.

RPT error: 

Error in expression <y]]] call TON_fnc_terrainSort;

_dome = nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Dome_Big_F"];
  Error position: <nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Dome_Big_F"];
  Error Type Array, expected Number
File life_server\init.sqf..., line 191

life_server's init is the original file, worked great before adding this script. I'm confused as to how this came up as none of the files modified where in the life_server nor had anything to do with the federal reserve.

life_server/init.sqf start line 185:

/* Setup the federal reserve building(s) */
private _vaultHouse = [[["Altis", "Land_Research_house_V1_F"], ["Tanoa", "Land_Medevac_house_V1_F"]]] call TON_fnc_terrainSort;
private _altisArray = [16019.5,16952.9,0];
private _tanoaArray = [11074.2,11501.5,0.00137329];
private _pos = [[["Altis", _altisArray], ["Tanoa", _tanoaArray]]] call TON_fnc_terrainSort;

_dome = nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Dome_Big_F"];
_rsb = nearestObject [_pos,_vaultHouse];

I'm wondering if that may have something to do with player position on mission start?

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