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Altis 5.0 - Rcon Help


I can't seem to setup my Rcon for my dedicated server. Any help is appreciated. Here is what I have done...

(I am using TADST, not a .bat)

I have a BEServer.cfg located in Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\BattlEye

Inside the BEserver.cfg is as follows:

RConPassword 123
RConPort 2309


Now in my Rcon is as follows:


password: 123



I have tried with different ports, and have tried changing from "root" to "", but no luck.


Any help is appreciated,


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9 hours ago, AngryHerring ッ ®™ said:

If you’re using x64bit make sure you create a BEserver_x64.cfg with the same port etc.

Also when connecting the rcon, make sure the game server is online :)

Thanks for your reply, the issue has been resolved. 

Inbound/ Outbound Port UDP was being restricted by Firewall.

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