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Setting Up Client (extDB3)

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class CfgServer {
    DatabaseName = "altislife"; //Config name that'll be grep in the extdb-conf.ini. Default: [altislife]
    DebugMode = 0; //Enable many server/hc debugging logs. Default: 0 (1 = Enabled / 0 = Disabled)
    HeadlessSupport = 0; //Enable/Disable Headless client support. Default: 1 (1 = Enabled / 0 = Disabled)
    Enabled: When HeadlessSupport is set to 1 (enabled), the server will run without fault when no Headless Client is connected. However, it will support the Headless Client if you choose to connect one.
    Disabled: If HeadlessSupport is set to 0 (disabled), the connection of a Headless Client will make no difference. This option will increase server performance a TINY but negligible amount.

Have you changed your database name in your description.ext?

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