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Developer For Hire | SQF - SQL | Terrain Development
Iv been in the ArmA 3 scene for an extremely long time and iv learned a ton, recently i have almost 0 projects to work on. I was hoping to start filling up my time with some fun stuff to do. If anyone out there needs help with scripting 1 on 1 or any community wants to bring me on to help do some development ADD me and let me know! Here is some stuff i know and some communities iv been apart of for the past 4 and half years. :steamhappy:
Development Skills

- SQF 
- SQS 
- C# 
- C 
- C++ 
- LUA 
- Map Developement 
- Unreal Engine 4 Map Developer 
- Custom Dedicated/Server Setup's
Former Communities

- Oasis Gaming [ Project Lead - Developer ] 
- Falcon Gaming [ Admin ] 
- Dead Zone Gaming [ Founder - Lead Dev ] 
- DB Exile Mod [ Admin - Lead Dev ] 
- Contract Coders [ Senior Staff - Dev ]
- EXP Gaming Community [ Founder - Lead Dev ] 
- TGN Gaming Community [ Founder - Lead Dev ] 
- PsiSyn Network [ Developer - Scripting ] 
- Innovation Network [ Lead Developer ] 
- HardCore RP [ Head - Developer - Programming - Mod Development ]
- Virtue Exile Community [ Lead Developer - Programming - Mod Development - Web Development ]

My GitHub Profile ( All of my recent code is private )
Discord / Steam

Wanna add me on discord instead? Here you go! 

6IX [DEV] #7771

Wanna add me on steam? Here you go!


Hope to hear back soon! :steammocking::steamhappy:

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On 6/26/2019 at 9:03 PM, BrandonVictor123123 said:

Ill add you on discord when i get a chance! is it the same name?

This member hasn't been here for almost a year and all their linked profiles are deleted or private.

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